Stranger Things’ Will and Billy connected by tragic family history as fans spot eerie similarities – The Sun

STRANGER Things’ Will Byers and Billy Hargrove have more in common than you’d realise at first glance.

It might seem like the two have nothing in common, given Billy’s (Dacre Montgomery) cruel streak and Will’s (Noah Schnapp) sensitivity, but in fact both faced adversity growing up.

What’s more, both became puppets of the Mind Flayer at one point or another and were used as puppets to do the monstrous entity’s bidding.

Ever the eagle-eyed bunch, fans took to Reddit to flag parallels between the pair, right down to dialogue.

“Both are called William I assume (Will and Billy). Both had awful father figures,” one user wrote.

“However, one grew up with his loving mother (Winona Ryder) and the other grew up with an abusive father, and they turned out very differently,” they went on.

“I have this theory that if Billy would have survived maybe he could have somehow bonded with Will or something.”

Do Will and Billy represent light and dark respectively, just like Hawkins and it’s dark equivalent in the Upside Down?

Another fan posted a screen grab of both characters screaming “He made me do it,” in scenes that are chillingly similar.

Soon users took to calling the pair ‘Billiam’ and the associated posts received hundreds of upvotes.

Season 3 saw the group simultaneously tackle a Russian spy network and the most terrifying monsters yet.

Stepping up his villainy by amassing an army for the Mind Flayer, Billy seemed almost irredeemable, until he made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the group.

Elsewhere in Stranger Things speculation, fans predicted a nuclear disaster crossover with a Chernobyl plot line.

Meanwhile other theorised that Hopper would be rescued from the Upside Down by a Russian version of Eleven.

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