Stonehouse stars married stars Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes

Stonehouse: Trailer starring Matthew Macfadyen

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Labour politician John Stonehouse was a key member of former Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s Government but his life went down the pan when he was suspected of espionage. He went into financial ruin and in a bid to start again, he faked his own death which didn’t exactly go according to plan. has all there is to know about the cast of Stonehouse.

Who is in the cast of Stonehouse on ITV?

John Stonehouse – Matthew Macfadyen

When John Stonehouse lost his position in Wilson’s Government, he had major financial troubles.

To escape the scandal and his money woes, Stonehouse attempted to pretend he was dead and lead a new life in Australia in 1974.

Stonehouse is portrayed by Succession and Pride and Prejudice actor Matthew Macfadyen.

Some of his other roles have been in Quiz, Anna Karenina, Operation Mincemeat, The Assistant and Ripper Street.

Barbara Stonehouse – Keeley Hawes

Barbara Stonehouse is John’s wife who he was married to for 30 years and shared three children.

She is devasted to learn of him having an affair which results in their divorce in 1978.

Barbara is played by actress Keeley Hawes who has starred in popular dramas like Line of Duty, The Bodyguard, Finding Alice, Crossfire and The Durrells.

She and Macfadyen are married in real life, having met on the set of Spooks in 2002.

Sheila Buckley – Emer Heatley

John and Barbara’s marriage comes to an end after it is discovered he has a mistress in Sheila Buckley.

She is part of his plan to fake his death as John wanted to start a new life Down Under with Sheila.

Actress Emer Heatley is very new to the entertainment industry with just one other credit, according to her IMDb page.

She was behind PC Cutts last year in the BBC One legal drama Showtrial.

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Harold Wilson – Kevin McNally

Politician Harold Wilson was the Prime Minister from 1964 to 1970 who appointed John Stonehouse as a Cabinet minister.

He also fired the MP from his position when Stonehouse was suspected of being a spy.

Actor Kevin McNally most recently played Podo Helmer in the animated series The Wingfeather Saga.

However, McNally is probably best known as Joshamee Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Betty Boothroyd – Dorothy Atkinson

Betty Boothroyd was another MP who served under Harold Wilson during his service as Prime Minister.

Actress Dorothy Atkinson has been in Pennyworth, Mr Turner, Mum, Harlots and Pistol.

Other cast members include:

Jane Stonehouse – Orla Hill

Julia Stonehouse – Aoife Checkland

Matthew Stonehouse – Archie Barnes

Stonehouse premieres on Monday, January 2, at 9pm on ITV.

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