Spoilers: Verity exposes evil Edward to Diane in huge showdown in Hollyoaks

Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher) was left in complete and utter shock in Hollyoaks tonight (December 3), as Verity (Eva O’Hara) exposed Edward (Joe McGann) for the master manipulator that he is.

Diane was still reeling from the revelation that Tony (Nick Pickard) had slept with Maxine Kinsella (Nikki Sanderson) and therefore she set off to have it out with him.

Tony explained that he did, in fact, not sleep with Maxine, but questioned Diane about why she was so bothered. When she failed to come up with an explanation, he told her that he still loves her, before begging her for another chance.

Diane was evidently conflicted, given that she’s with Edward now, but she did admit that she’d think about what Tony had said.

Meanwhile, Edward planned on proposing to Diane with a romantic meal, but Verity wasn’t too pleased when she discovered that her dad had stolen her mother’s ring from her room.

Therefore, she confronted him on the matter, and once again accused him of trying to turn Diane into her mother.

Edward’s nasty and manipulative streak resurfaced, and told Verity that it’s her fault her mum is dead — before confirming that he always intended to save his wife from the plane crash, not her.

Verity was devastated, and — unwilling to put up with her dad’s abuse and manipulation any longer — she confronted Diane, and encouraged her to decline Edward’s proposal, as she revealed the truth.

‘He’s a controlling psychopath that’s obsessed with turning you into my dead mother!’, Verity exclaimed, as she told Diane that Tony is the man she needs to be with.

However, it was the revelation that Edward had faked Tony’s brain tumour and subsequent operation that left Diane shaken to the core.

The truth is out at last, but just what will Diane do now?

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