Spoilers: Tragedy for Faye and Craig in Corrie miscarriage trauma

Joy turns to despair for Faye (Ellie Leach) and Craig (Colson Smith) in upcoming episodes of Coronation Street, as they get some terrible news about Faye’s pregnancy.

Their week starts well, with an appointment with the midwife that leaves them buzzing with excitement about the new addition to their family.

They go for lunch at the bistro to celebrate that and the fact that Craig is about to start work in the police force again. Everything seems to be fitting into place for them.

Faye still has the stress of the death of Ted hanging over her, and she’s appalled when Emma (Alexandra Mardell)’s boyfriend and Ted’s grandson Jon arrives at the flat. he wants answers about Ted’s death. How much will Faye and Emma reveal?

Shortly after this, Faye emerges from the bathroom and tells Emma she thinks she’s losing the baby. At the hospital, Faye has a scan and she and Craig nervously wait for the results.

When the news comes, it’s a massive shock. Have Faye and Craig lost their baby?

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