Spoilers: Marlon attacks Graham after making shock discovery in Emmerdale

Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) has always been protective of his family in Emmerdale, and with Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) now in a relationship with Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) he’s not sure what to make. However, after Kim Tate’s (Claire King) meddling, Marlon makes a discovery about Graham — and see’s red as a result!

Determined to get revenge, Kim wastes little time in attempting to sabotage Graham’s relationship with Rhona — and thus she speaks to Marlon, and implies that Graham really shouldn’t be allowed around Leo.

However, Rhona overhears everything — and she’s less than pleased that Marlon was listening to Kim’s words. Afterwards, Marlon decides to ease up on Graham.

Meanwhile, Rhona confronts Kim over her attempt to poison Marlon against Graham, but Kim remains unfazed, and suggests that Marlon will come to his senses soon enough — something which leaves Rhona’s interests piqued.

However, Graham reassures her that she’s got nothing to worry about, but his expression speaks volumes, as he ponders all the ways that Kim could cause damage.

The following day, Kim sends Graham a text asking for all of her employees to meet her at the Woolpack, as she’s planning on making an announcement. However, upon his arrival, Graham works out just what it is that Kim’s planning.

Yes, Kim makes a shocking revelation about Graham — and Rhona is reeling as a result.

Later, Graham heads over to speak to Rhona, but he’s not given much opportunity to do so, as Marlon intervenes and punches him as a result!

The question is: what drives Marlon to such violence?

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