Spitting Image viewers 'switch off' as Brixbox comedy branded 'too woke' and 'poorly written'

SPITTING Image viewers are less than impressed with the puppet show re-vamp, branding the scandalous scenes "poorly written" and "too woke."

The iconic political, celebrity and royal mannequins have returned with new faces thrown into the mix such as Donald Trump, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Piers Morgan.

The satirical programme first aired in 1984 yet fans can now get a slice of the action on pay-for service Britbox.

Back in its heyday, Spiting Image was a cultural success having received both critical acclaim and praise from the public.

During its 12 year run, the show won four BAFTAs and four Emmys and boasted of having 15 million viewers at its height of popularity.

The new 10-episode series features more than 100 puppets and is extremely reactive to current events – with a recent scene depicted Donald Trump self-isolating with wife Melania after he was diagnosed with COVID in real life only this week.

Yet this time around awards may be unlikely as fans have already declared they are "switching off" – with the comedy scripts "horribly bad."

They have also taken issue with the fact they have to pay to watch it at all.

One took to Twitter to moan: "Just watched an episode of Spitting Image.

"Please don't get [email protected]_UK subscription because of it. It's just awful, the comedy scripts are horribly bad #SpittingImage."

A second added: "Who the hell thought it was a good idea to bring back #SpittingImage this new series is crap?"

Another posted: "The new #SpittingImage in one word. Crap," as one added: "It was alright overall. Better than expected. Downside: poor impressions and too much Trump… #SpittingImage."

One raged: "This is where I switched off – poor scripting, poor satire, poor production values – #pathetic.”

Another then posted: "Whilst a third posted: “It’s not Funny! What a disappointment. All the ‘Too Woke’ comments were true. Let's face facts: comedy since 2017(ish) has not been Funny."

The much anticipated series is Britbox's first original commission – and it's already had the green light for a second series arriving in 2021.

The creators behind the cheeky satire show said: "With the world getting smaller and more turbulent, the time couldn't be more appropriate for an iconic British satirical take on global events."

Executive producer Roger Law has said the global focus in characters won't impact on the British satirical style.

"The new Spitting Image will be global through a uniquely British eye, it will be more outrageous, audacious and salacious than the previous incarnation."








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