Six Emmerdale spoilers for next week – Dawn Taylor loses custody of Lucas and Sarah Sugden makes a huge drugs confession

DAWN Taylor’s world comes crashing down next week in Emmerdale as her son Lucas is removed from her care after Harriet loses him. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the ITV soap…

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1. Debbie returns 

Debbie arrives back from Scotland with Zak next week in Emmerdale.  

But her joy is short-lived when she discovers that Sarah has vanished while under Charity’s supervision.

Meanwhile, Danny and Sarah bond over their family woes in a barn, and Danny offers the youngster drugs. 

2. Debbie catches Sarah on drugs

Sarah takes Danny up on his offer and, as the drugs start kicking in, the pair begin to undress. 

But they’re horrified when Debbie and Charity burst into the barn and demand what’s going on. 

Danny runs off as Debbie demands answers from Sarah, who eventually admits she’s taken something. 

3. Sarah admits to framing Ethan

Sarah opens up to Debbie, admitting she’s been lonely recently. 

She then comes clean about framing Ethan for dealing drugs at the stag do – much to Debbie’s horror. 

Will Debbie protect Sarah and keep her part in the drugs stunt quiet?

4. Harriet loses Lucas

Harriet is devastated when she notices Will flirting with Kim next week in Emmerdale. 

When she vanishes with Lucas after picking him up, Dawn fears the worst and ends up calling the police. 

When Harriet turns up drunk, Will rages at her for putting Lucas in danger but Harriet blurts out to Dawn that he’s sleeping with Kim, and Dawn goes easy on Harriet given her recent break-up.

5. Lucas is removed from Dawn’s care

But Dawn swiftly changes her mind about Harriet when Lucas’ social worker Eloise arrives to talk urgently with her. 

Eloise discusses the fact that Harriet lost Lucas for an extended period of time, before questioning Dawn’s custody of Lucas. 

Dawn heads out to make Harriet pay, but she’s stopped in her tracks when the police arrive and take Lucas away. 

Has Dawn lost custody of Lucas again thanks to Harriet?

If so, will Dawn seek revenge?

6. Laurel turns to drink

Emmerdale viewers know that Laurel has been struggling to cope in the wake of her termination.

Viewers watched Laurel struggle to accept kind words from her friends and family over the new year as she became consumed with self-loathing. 

Emmerdale has revealed that Laurel’s low mood will continue next week as she turns to booze to drown her sorrows and spirals back into alcoholism.

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