Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown RIPS troll who accuses husband Kody of letting her ‘be homeless’ as she lives in RV

JANELLE Brown slammed a troll who criticized her RV lifestyle and accused her husband Kody of letting her be "homeless".

The Sister Wives star, 52, lives in an $82,000 mobile home on the edge of the polygamous Brown family's Coyote Pass property.

Janelle defended Kody after a follower said it was "disturbing" that he could "let her live like that".

It all kicked off when Janelle shared a post on Instagram about the utilities on the RV.

“Many of you have asked about utilities. Boon docking or dry camping some of you call it," she wrote.

"But before some of you get your panties in a twist, I am fine lol. It’s just part of the process. But a battery upgrade was in order and it’s done.

"Huge upgrade and improvement in storage and time between generator runs. Especially with increasing solar panel count as well.” 


A user commented: "I am a little disturbed that your ‘husband’ would just sit there and let you live like that. I realize that you chose to do things this way but there is no way in hell I would let things get to the point where my wife would have to live out of a camper.

“You are strong I am sure and will make it through just fine but you shouldn’t have to live like that with such a ‘close family.'”

They went on: “Where’s all your other wives? Spent all these years on TV fighting and preaching how your lifestyle was so great and full of love but you have to know we can tell y’all dislike each other. Now, you are basically homeless.” 

Jenelle fired back: “My husband didn’t do anything. I chose this. I’m shocked that you think I’m some sort of meek, mild person that can be told to do anything that I don’t agree to.

"I’m sorry you are so short-sighted and want to make rude comments from behind your keyboard."


Janelle's RV features bunk beds, a kitchenette and two ACs and sits on the family's 12-acre property on Coyote Pass in Arizona, which they purchased for $820,000 in 2018. 

She is living less than one mile from two of her sister wives Christine, 49, and Robyn, 42.

Last month she revealed that she had moved into the trailer after dealing with real estate issues in Arizona.

She shared a photo of the huge white vehicle parked on the sprawling land, and in the caption explained her new life update.

“So I have something fun to share. I acted boldly and seized an adventure. 

“…Presenting my new summer adventure – the RV life but camped on our property.”

Janelle then continued: “The rental where I was living was sold and I chose an alternative path to trying to find another rental. 

“Not only is the housing market in Flagstaff as crazy as where you are I’m sure, rentals are even harder to come by.”

Earlier that month, The Sun revealed Janelle's $700,000 rental home already had a buyer, just days after the home was listed for sale.

The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home was sold quickly due to it's many amenities.

Janelle previously lived in the ranch-style house with her children Garrison, 23, Gabe, 19, and Savanah, 16, as her other three kids had already moved out. 

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