Shay Mitchell Just Found Out the Sex Of Her Baby In the Craziest Way

Gender reveals are a common thing that pregnant women do these days. Celebrities are, of course, able to do some pretty interesting things when it comes to their own gender reveal parties, but many times, they go with the typical balloons or cutting a cake. But actress Shay Mitchell decided on something a bit more lowkey — or at least, that’s what she thought. Here’s a look at her entertaining gender reveal.

Who is Shay Mitchell?

Mitchell is best known for starring on the long-running ABC Family/Freeform mystery Pretty Little Liars. She portrayed Emily Fields for all seven seasons of the beloved series. After PLL was over, Mitchell had a main role in the first season of the Lifetime drama You.

Recently, Mitchell has channeled her energies into other projects. She has her own luxury luggage brand, BEIS travel. Mitchell is also very active YouTube, and typically posts travel videos from her “Shaycations.” Her new series, Dollface, premieres on Hulu in Nov. 2019.

She recently revealed that she’s pregnant

On June 28, 2019, Mitchell posted a new video on her YouTube channel titled “Guess Who’s Preggers.” In it, she revealed her pregnancy, along with an elegant photo shoot that she did in order to announce it.

In the video, Mitchell spoke about how she chose to keep her pregnancy a secret for several months. She had previously suffered from a miscarriage in 2018, which she shared on Instagram in Jan. 2019.   

Here’s how she and her boyfriend chose to do a gender reveal

Mitchell uploaded another video on July 4, 2019, titled “Do NOT Try This Gender Reveal At Home.” In it, we see Mitchell and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, at the doctor’s office, saying that her assistant has something planned for the gender reveal.

Then, Mitchell and Babel were seen sitting at home in (presumably) their backyard, calling up friends and family members to get their guesses as to the sex of the baby. They explained that they had decided not to throw a party, but do something more interesting instead.

And the outcome certainly was a fun one. Enter two people dressed in Power Rangers costumes: One pink and one blue, naturally. The masked fighters battled it out, even falling in the pool at one point. In the end, the Pink Ranger was victorious, revealing that Mitchell is having a girl.

When is Mitchell due?

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As Mitchell hasn’t provided us with much information until this point, we can expect that we likely won’t hear about a due date for the baby soon, if at all. Chances are, we’ll continue to see pregnancy shots regularly, so we can gauge just how far along she may be.

Given when she chose to announce the pregnancy, the size of her bump, and the New Year’s Day reveal of her previous miscarriage, we estimate that Mitchell is somewhere around six or seven months along. So keep your eyes peeled for baby Mitchell-Babel in Fall 2019.

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