Sharon Watts kicks brother Zack Hudson out after he ruins her gym launch

SHARON Watts will kick brother Zack Hudson out after he ruins her gym launch next week in EastEnders.

Zack arrived in Walford earlier this year and was revealed to be Sharon’s estranged brother. 

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The feisty businesswoman will reach boiling point with her long-lost sibling after he causes a scene.

Next week, Zack’s enjoys an all night drinking session with Martin as Sharon tries to check in with Linda, but she’s well and truly ignored.

Meanwhile, Ruby’s unimpressed with Martin’s hangover and ends up having to go to a doctor’s appointment by herself.

At the gym launch, Sharon spots Zack turning on the charm with an important potential client and Kheerat promises to have a word.

He manages to prise Zack away, shuts him in the locker room and cranks up the music.

Linda arrives wanting to chat but it’s time for Sharon’s speech but Zack’s shouts can now be heard.

As Nancy lets him out of the locker room, Zack takes matters into his own hand.

With her shocked guests watching on, Kheerat tries to apologise but Sharon directs her fury towards her brother – she wants Zack to pack his bags and leave.

Later on in the week, Sharon and Linda make amends but Sharon decides to stays quiet about Kheerat.

Linda reminds her that Zack is still her blood hinting that she should try and rebuild her relationship with her brother.

Later on, Nancy moves back home while Sharon tells Linda she’s asked Zack to stay.

Over at Walford East, Sharon and Kheerat agree to keep things casual but when Suki interrupts them, Kheerat revels in his rebellion.

Zack has already caused quite a stir since arriving in Albert Square, the ladies' man has flirted up a storm with Nancy.

Last week, he also sets his sights on Ruby as she chatted through ideas for the gym launch with Sharon. 

But what has Zack done to cause a ruckus at Sharon's launch? And will she ever forgive him?

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