Sharon Osbourne Apologizes After Row With ‘The Talk’ Co-Hosts, Claims She ‘Panicked’

The Osbourne matriarch is sorry following her clash with TV co-hosts over Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle drama, claiming she got defensive because she ‘panicked.’

AceShowbizSharon Osbourne has insisted she does not “condone racism, misogyny or bullying” after publicly defending Piers Morgan over him quitting “Good Morning Britain“.

The anchor decided to step down from his position on the U.K. TV show after a row with weatherman Alex Beresford about his behaviour towards Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, following her and Prince Harry‘s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Morgan had previously stated he didn’t believe the Duchess’ comments that she was suicidal during her time in the royal family, sparking calls for his dismissal, but pal Sharon spoke out in his defence insisting, “I am with you. I stand by you. People forget that you’re paid for your opinion and that you’re just speaking your truth.”

The day after her tweet, Sharon explained on her U.S. TV show “The Talk” that she didn’t “agree with what he said,” but supported her friend’s “freedom of speech.”

When co-host Sheryl Underwood asked her what she would say to people who felt it was racist to defend a person making such comments and Sharon replied, “For me, at 68 years of age to have to turn around and say ‘I ain’t racist’ – what’s it got to do with me? How could I be racist about anybody? How could I be racist about anybody or anything in my life? How can I?”

“I will ask you again, Sheryl, I was asking you during the break and I’m asking you again. And don’t try and cry, because if anyone should be crying, it should be me,” she said as she raised her voice. “This is the situation: you tell me where you have heard him say – educate me. Tell me when you have heard him say racist things. Educate me. Tell me.”

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Sheryl told her that it isn’t “the exact words of racism,” but rather the “implication and the reaction to it.”

“To not want to address that because she is a Black woman, and to try to dismiss it or to make it seem less than what it is, that’s what makes it racist,” insisted the comedian. “But right now, I’m talking to a woman who I believe is my friend and I don’t want anybody here to watch this and say that we’re attacking you for being racist. And for that, if I articulated anything -“

“I think it’s too late. I think that seed is already sown,” Sharon quipped.

However, in a statement posted on social media, Sharon stated she “panicked, felt blindsided (and) got defensive.”

Apologising to “anyone of colour that I offended and/or to anyone that feels confused, or let down by what I said,” Sharon explained that she had “allowed my fear and horror of being accused of being racist take over.”

“Please hear me when I say I do not condone racism, misogyny or bullying. I should have always have been more specific about that in my tweet,” she wrote. “I will always support freedom of speech, but now I see how I unintentionally didn’t make that clear distinction.”

“I hope we can collectively continue to learn from each other and from ourselves so we can all continue to pave the way for much-needed growth and change.”

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