Selena Gomez fans furious as Saved By The Bell reboot 'mocks transplant'

Selena Gomez fans have been left fuming over a scene in the Saved By The Bell reboot, which appeared to mock her kidney transplant.

The Ice Cream singer underwent life-changing surgery in 2017 over her battle with lupus – with pal Francia Raisa donating a kidney.

The 28-year-old has spoken publicly about her health issues, and previously showed off her scar on social media.

Her loyal fans were left reeling when the latest episode of the Peacock series referenced the illness.

Bayside High students were seen arguing about who her donor was, despite it being publicly known that it was Francia.

‘I know for a fact that Selena Gomez’s kidney donor was Justin Bieber’s mum,’ one said during the row.

‘Prove what? That you’re an idiot,’ the other spat back. ‘It was Demi Lovato’s kidney. 

‘They’re best friends, like you and I were.’

In the same scene, graffiti could be seen in the background of Bayside High, with the question: ‘Does Selena Gomez even have kidneys?’ sprawled in black spray paint.

Viewers raged at the mention of the Lose You To Love Me’s condition, and rushed to discuss the scenes on Twitter.

‘The show-runners should’ve known how tone deaf and insensitive to lupus survivors it was to have “does Selena Gomez even have kidneys” spray painted on the wall,’ one wrote. 

‘You’re not edgy you’re disrespectful.’

‘Selena has been through so much in her life, with kidney transplant, constant battle with lupus, and her struggle with bipolar disorder,’ a follower agreed. 

‘It makes me sick how some people think it’s funny to joke about a disease.’

‘She went through hell and people still making nasty jokes about something which is important,’ a Twitter user penned. ‘Her music her vulnerability her honesty everything about Selena Gomez just HITS.

‘The media and award shows neglecting her, kidney jokes being made like this…’

‘Selena Gomez is the kindest person you’ll ever see,’ another replied. 

‘She doesn’t deserve hate. her heart is full of kindness. Leave her alone. let her live her best life.’

‘No one deserves to be treated like this,’ a fan added. ‘She’s an incredible person, and I love her.’

Many, many, many more called for people to ‘respect Selena Gomez’.

Selena has yet to speak about the scenes publicly, while show bosses have not addressed the fury. has contacted reps for Saved By The Bell and Selena for a comment.

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