Save My Skin Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Ah, skin issues. Everybody has them, which is why TLC took the struggles of getting pimples and hyperpigmentation and turned it into a reality show. “Save My Skin” premiered on TLC in April 2020, per TV Guide, and has become an unexpected hit for the network. The show follows dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne and her team at her clinic in London as they work with patients to solve their unusual skin issues. “Save My Skin” not only documents patients’ journeys to reclaiming their self-confidence but also educates viewers on various skin conditions.

Prior to landing “Save My Skin,” which has gone on for two seasons now, Dr. Emma hosted a similar show in the United Kingdom called “Bad Skin Clinic,” and she divulged that people like to watch shows that feature interesting cases and, frankly, gross extraction scenes. “Some [patients] have got a big, massive lump on the back of their back or their arm. And we do the incising with a scalpel, dissecting around of it, and squeezing it out,” she told Gulf News last year, noting, “for those people who like to watch things being taken out of bodies, then it’s definitely the show for them.”

With endless skin issues still left to be explored, fans are eagerly awaiting Season 3 of “Save My Skin.” Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season!

When will 'Save My Skin' Season 3 be released?

Considering that Season 2 of “Save My Skin” ended three months ago, fans will have to wait a little while before Season 3 drops. Premiere Date reports that TLC has not renewed “Save My Skin” for Season 3 yet, but given the number of dermatological cases that have yet to be explored (and that fans are loving it), it is likely the show would be renewed for Spring or Summer 2022. Previous seasons have followed a similar release schedule.

Furthermore, it seems like Dr. Emma Craythone is still passionate about the show and what it means to audiences. During the Season 2 premiere, Dr. Emma posted about her excitement for the show on Instagram. “Tonight is the Season 2 Launch on TLC of Save my Skin. This season is 12 episodes long and each episode has 4 of the most wonderful patient stories,” she wrote. “I am so grateful to the patients who were happy to share their stories as this not only educates the medical community on skin disease but also allows for greater discussion in general and really highlights the important link of the skin and the mind. These stories will touch your soul.”

Here’s hoping TLC will take into consideration the good Dr. Emma’s doing for her patients and announce a renewal real soon so we can see the cast do their magic again.

Who would be on 'Save My Skin' Season 3?

Besides Dr. Emma Craythorne, “Save My Skin” also features her team of nurses and plastic surgeons, including Mottie, Rosie, Monica, Richard Young, Beverly Gambles, Ciaran Healy, Jeannis Goutos, according to IMDb. They are all expected to be back filming at Dr. Emma’s private practice in London (via Distractify). As per the show’s format, each episode features a client with a different dermatological case so viewers will have to wait and see which clients Dr. Emma will be working on when the show comes back for Season 3.

Dr. Emma, of course, is a magician to many viewers and she’s spent her life training to be a dermatologist. According to her official website, she was originally from Northern Ireland but moved to Scotland to study medicine. She became a member of the Royal College of Physicians following her postgraduate specialist training in Edinburgh. The doc has published many peer-reviewed publications and even authored a textbook on dermatology, making her even more qualified to teach viewers about skin conditions on “Save My Skin.”

In her spare time, Dr. Emma posts many skincare tips and tricks on her Instagram account for people to read and educate themselves.

Who pays for treatments on 'Save My Skin'?

For anyone who struggles with skin issues, you’ll know that dermatology appointments can be extremely expensive, which begs the question; who pays for the treatments on “Save My Skin”? According to Reality Tidbit, clients on the show actually do have to pay a consultation fee when they get assessed. This is because Dr. Emma Craythorne’s practice is private and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom doesn’t cover the costs. The outlet notes that the average consultation fee for Dr. Emma is 500 pounds, which equates to $690 USD, while follow-up consultations are around $270 USD. However, costs are also based on the kind of treatment patients receive and the number of sessions they have to do to fix their skin problems.

So while going on reality shows can have its perks, clients on “Save My Skin” aren’t so lucky when it comes to getting free treatments. But hey, it’s the journey that counts, right?

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