Sam Faiers reveals condition where she picks out her eyelashes was triggered by her father Dave being sent to prison – as The Mummy Diaries returns

The first episode of the new series of Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries sees Sam chat to her mum Suzy about her Trichotillomania, the condition which sees her pick out her eyelashes.

Sam, 28, tells her mum that it was her dad Dave being sent to prison when she was younger that triggered the condition.

In a preview clip obtained by Mail Online, she tells Suzy: “When I was younger one of our friend's daughters said to me 'if you pick out an eyelash, make a wish, the wish will come true.'"

"And obviously when dad went to prison I used to pick out my eyelashes and make a wish for dad to come home from prison.

“And then I think from then that's obviously become a subconscious thing."

Speaking to the camera in a confessional, Sam breaks down in tears as she discusses how close she was to stepdad Dave – who she calls her dad – when she was younger.

She said: “When my dad did get sentenced I actually took it really hard. As a child I suppose you don't really know how to express those emotions.

"So for me I would pick out an eyelash, wish for my dad to come home from prison and thought it was true."

Another scene shows Sam and sister Billie having a Father’s Day meal with their dad, where they discussed Sam writing to Dave when he was behind bars.

Sam – who revealed boyfriend Paul is trolled for not proposing to her yet – tells Dave of his past: “That's history, you've redeemed yourself, don't worry”, while Dave agrees and says: “I've come good.”

He then tells Sam: “You used to send me letters, Billie never wrote”, which leaves the sisters giggling.

Sam says: “Didn't I write to you all the time? Consistently I wrote to dad every single year for about ten years.”

Sam opened up to OK! magazine recently about her trichotillomania and says that she is having hypnotherapy to stop it.

The mother-of-two revealed she’s seeing a therapist for the condition after fearing her one-year-old daughter Rosie was copying her tendencies.

Sam explained: “I’ve had two in the last couple of months. But it’s meant to take a minimum of six to eight sessions, so it’s a process. It’s hypnotherapy.

“They speak to your subconscious, so you’re not in a deep sleep but you’re very relaxed. She tells you how lovely your eyelashes are, that your hands don’t need to be near your eyes, but should stay by your sides.”

When asked if she’s seen an improvement, Sam added: “No [laughs]! “I rang my therapist after the first sessions and was like: ’I’m picking them out more!’

She was like: ‘This is normal. It’s not that you’re picking them out more, it’s that you’re aware of it now. So you notice when you’re doing it.’

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“I have noticed that my bottom eyelashes are coming through, but I am still pulling on the top.”

“When Rosie was around 14 months old and I was still breastfeeding her, I would go to pull or stroke my eyelashes and I noticed she’d rub her eyelashes too – she was copying what I was doing,” the former TOWIE star explained.

"She didn’t know to pull, of course, but that was a big red flag. I was like, no, I can’t have her doing that. So when Rosie began to copy me that was the turning point. I knew I needed to get help."

Sam decided to look for help after noticing “red flags” that daughter Rosie was copying her. “As a mum that is devastating. My mum must have been devastated, too. For years, she tried to get me to stop and she just couldn’t.”

Sam continued by revealing mum Sue and sister Billie couldn’t be prouder of her progress, saying: “They’re so happy. “They ring me up after each therapy session. We’ve said that when I’ve got all my eyelashes back, we’re going to go mascara shopping! Because, believe it or not, I’ve never owned a mascara [laughs]!”

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