Ross Kemp slams Loose Women for mocking Hatton Garden heist in new documentary

Ross Kemp took aim at the Loose Women during a revealing documentary into the Hatton Garden heist.

The former EastEnders star investigated Britain's biggest burglary, in which £14million of gold, jewels and cash was swiped on the 2015 Easter bank holiday robbery.

There was unseen police surveillance footage, the gang’s secretly recorded conversation and the first ever interview with the gang's lookout, Kenny Collins.

"But some were not taking the robbery seriously," said Ross in the new documentary – Hatton Garden: The Inside Story.

A clip from Loose Women in 2015 aired, where the panel were discussing the heist before the criminals were uncovered.

Presenter Andrea McLean said: "Detectives now investigating the incredible Hatton Garden jewellery heist are now appealing to any wives or girlfriends out there of men with…wait for it…specialist drill knowledge."

When asked if she would snitch, Sherrie Hewson replied: "I wouldn't."

Correcting herself, she added: "Well…sorry, no. I didnt' mean to say that out loud."

The audience were left in fits of giggles, while Andrea admitted they should not laugh.

Duncan Campbell, author and crime correspondent, spoke about the public's reaction.

He said: "I think there was a certain amount of sneaking sympathy for them.

"I think the main reason was the age of the protagonists. These old boys in their 70s still trying to carry out the perfect crime. And the fact nobody was injured.

"And also rightly or wrongly people don’t have an enormous amount of sympathy for people with safety deposit boxes."

Viewers took to Twitter to praise Ross after watching the documentary.

One viewer said: "Loved the #insidestory of #hattongarden with #rosskemp made me realise just how good the #itv drama was, well done all."

Another added: "Genuinely, I don’t reckon anyone does documentaries better than Ross Kemp. Absolute class"

A third said: "You've got to give it to @RossKemp no matter what the topic he covers, he never disappoints"

* Hatton Garden: The Inside Story is available on ITV player

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