Richard Madeley called out for ‘bullying’ oil protestor during Good Morning Britain row

GMB: Richard Madeley shuts down Stop Oil protester

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Good Morning Britain hosts Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh were joined by Just Stop Oil activist Miranda Whelehan and journalist Lowri Turner to debate activists’ sit-down demonstrations held in London over the weekend. Campaigners such as Miranda have been urging the Government to halt all new fossil fuel investments immediately. But viewers accused Richard of “bullying” and “patronising” Miranda as she made her case on the ITV show.

The 20-year-old activist told Richard: “I don’t think any of us want to be disrupting people’s lives but I think given the science and the things academics are saying about what oil is causing around the world and in this country, this is the level of action that needs to be taken when our government is failing on [its] energy policies and climate pledges.”

Richard chimed in “But you’d accept, wouldn’t you, that it is a very complicated discussion to be had?

“It’s a very complicated thing and this Just Stop Oil slogan is very playground, it’s very Vicky Pollard, it’s quite childish.

The journalist continued: “Just Stop Oil, I mean come on, there’s more to say than that.”

Miranda replied: “The answers are very simple we need to stop new oil licensing and that’s what we’re asking.

“With the oil reserves that we have now and the oil fields that we have that are still going, that would provide us with eight years of oil if we said no to new oil and that’s what we’re asking for.”

“But how do the blockades aid that argument? They don’t, do they? They simply cause nothing but disruption and you get a negative reaction,” Richard questioned.

Scores of viewers hit out at Richard’s interviewing style towards Miranda as the debate aired.

Helen tweeted: “He’s just jealous the young lady is much smarter and much more articulate than he is. He’s just a snidey bully.” (sic)

@DomSuperHero added: “@richardm56 what a big bully you are. Disgusted by your treatment of that young woman Miranda Whelehan. Are three-word slogans puerile? Did you say that to Boris? Or indeed did you consider the GMB slogan? No wonder our youth feel so utterly desperate about their future. Shame on you.”

Ben Albon remarked: “That’s it @richardm56, bully and patronise someone on something you have no clue about, rather than listening to her and educating yourself.”

Dai Davies echoed their comments and added: “Awful interview by Richard Madeley, nothing but a bully.”

Despite the backlash, other viewers sided with Richard’s questions with Steg adding: “Are these protestors going to provide me with an electric car and heat pump? Didn’t think so. They alienate the general public. I need to drive to work and care for my elderly mother.”

James Anderson said: “Protests like this do not work! It just p****s people off and takes the focus off the actual problem.”

Miranda continued to justify the protests after Richard told her the clothes she was wearing “owe their existence” to oil as they were transported in a vehicle to a shop.

He added: “There are so many ways that oil impacts your life as a protestor but you don’t acknowledge that.”

But Miranda hit back: “We’re talking about crop failure by 2030, we’re talking about people in this country right now in fuel poverty because of the prices of oil and you’re talking about the clothes I’m wearing. This is so serious.”

“To be fair up to now you’ve answered questions but that’s a complete avoidance of the question,” Richard replied.

Extinction Rebellion activists did allow ambulances and fire engines to pass, with organisers parting the crowd if they needed to use the road they were sitting on.

Good Morning Britain continues on weekdays between 6am and 9am on ITV.

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