‘RHOP’: Dr. Wendy Osefo Calls Out Karen Huger Over Her ‘Constant Jabs’

The doctor decides to confront her ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ co-star when they and other Housewives are invited to do a photoshoot for Robyn Dixon’s hat line, Embellished.

AceShowbiz -In the Sunday, November 1 episode of “The Real Housewives of Potomac“, a new feud erupted. After Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard‘s drama, it was fellow cast members Dr. Wendy Osefo and Karen Huger who were involved in a heated argument.

The episode kicked off with Gizelle Bryant asking Karen about her marital problems with her husband Ray after Wendy told her and Robyn Dixon in last week’s episode that Karen appeared to resent Ray for using her own money to get him out of tax trouble. When Gizelle told Karen that Wendy made it sound that the whole thing drove her “stressful” because she “wanted the money back from [Ray],” Karen quickly denied.

“That’s a reach…you’re saying Wendy said that?” she asked Gizelle. Later in a confessional, Karen slammed Wendy for saying such things to others. “Ray and I are going through a lot and for Wendy to take that information that I shared with her back to Gizelle and make it gossip and make fun of it is not cool. It’s not alright,” Karen shared.

Although Karen told Gizelle and Robyn that she and Wendy “were going to be fine,” she proceeded to question the latter’s career and also imitate her walk. “I don’t know anything about blackouts or fits of anger,” Karen said, referring to Monique, who said she “blacked out” during her physical fight with Candiace. “This is medical … She says she’s a doctor … she’s not a medical doctor and she was speaking authoritatively to me.”

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Meanwhile, Wendy responded to being called “ignorant” by Karen for trying to make the latter hold Monique accountable for her fight with Candiace. “I am tired of Karen’s constant jabs, and I’m not ignorant,” she said in a confessional in the episode. “For me to even get these degrees, it was a struggle. I got two of these degrees while pregnant. I lost my dad while getting my doctorate and even through all those struggles, I never quit.”

Wendy then confronted Karen when they and other Housewives were invited to do a photoshoot for Robyn’s hat line, Embellished. “Karen, I spoke to Robyn and Gizelle. I find it odd that you were talking about me being a doctor and mimicking me, and you don’t even have one degree and I have four,” she said. “I am not one to brag about my degrees, [but] less than two percent of [people in] the world have [a PhD]. You always talk about uplifting women, well, goddammit, it’s an accomplishment to have a PhD. You should be uplifting it.”

In response to that, Karen replied, “Let’s be very clear, you and I, each time we have an issue, it’s based on an interpretation of what I said to someone. It’s always taken out of context and said with a hint of funk to it. Understand that I understand the power of education. I come from an extremely educated family and even though I don’t have a degree.” She added, “I’m one of those people that succeed [without a degree]. There’s a lot of people in this country that do not have degrees.”

Karen revealed in another confessional interview that she was more upset with Gizelle for “twisting” her words. “I think Gizelle twisting my words is an indicator that something’s not right in her personal relationship with Jamal,” she said. “Anytime she starts twisting her words, it tells me her s**t is not right. I’m going to forgive Wendy and I’m going to look straight at Gizelle and say, ‘What’s going on in your life?’ “

During the photoshoot, Karen also denied questioning Wendy’s career, though she admitted to doing an impersonation of her. She then showed everyone how exactly she “mimicked” Wendy, prompting Wendy and others to laugh it off.

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