RHONY: Leah McSweeney Slams Ramona Singer for Gossiping About Her Bipolar Disorder — 'I find It Repulsive'

Sonja explained in a confessional she also felt Leah should apologize. "She's got to own it," Sonja said.

Ramona and Leah finally got a chance to talk out their issues at dinner after Sonja drunkenly belted out: "Leah never said anything to you."

(Earlier in the evening, Dorinda and Leah admitted to being upset with Ramona for not reprimanding Sonja for being drunk the way she's scolded Leah. "Sonja is very sloppy right now and Ramona doesn't give a flying f—," Leah said.)

"Alright, I'm right here," Leah said to Sonja, promoting Luann to ask her to address the "fish in the room" because they were eating ceviche.

"Leah, say what you want to say to Ramona in a kind manner," Sonja instructed Leah.

"I really don't have that much to say for once in my life except that I'm really disappointed that you would talk about my depression issues behind my back as a way to belittle me when I've actually overcome all of them," Leah told Ramona.

"Maybe I'm trying to make an excuse for your behavior, how you hurt me," Ramona said back.

"What behavior?" Leah asked, to which Ramona tried to shut the conversation down: "Nothing, just forget about it."

"Ramona told me that you were bipolar and that's why you were acting like that," Sonja interjected.

Leah insisted she had no idea what could have made Ramona so upset, and asked: "Acting like what?"

"You know, I really don't want to do this in a group atmosphere," Ramona quipped.

"But you're talking about my vagina to half of the upper east side!" Leah said.

"I have no interest in your body parts at all," Ramona fired back.

"Then why do you keep talking about it?" Leah said, to which Ramona yelled back: "I don't talk about it, you're talking about it!"

"You hurt me," Ramona continued

"She's clearly trying to deflect the whole situation and gaslight me because I hurt her so badly but she can't seem to tell me how I hurt her," Leah said in a confessional interview.

"I took you in. If you don't get it, then I can't explain it to you," Ramona said.

After continued back and forth, Ramona gave up, saying, "You know what, I don't know what I'm saying."

"I'm crazy, you're right," Ramona said, prompting Leah to say, "I never said that you are crazy."

"Thank you, lovely to know you," Ramona fired back, before storming off to her room.

"I didn't do anything!" Leah said. "She needs to stop talking about my vagina."

The drama between the women will continue on next week's episode, and it appears Ramona will find herself at odds with Dorinda.

"You're being terrible. Get your s— together," Dorinda tells Ramona in the teaser for next week.

"You're the one who has a drinking problem, you and Sonja," Ramona says back.

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