Relive the awkward time Boris Johnson was in EastEnders

He may be the front runner for the most powerful position in the UK but Prime Minister wannabe Boris Johnson has had many strings to his bow from TV presenter to over enthusiastic football player. But it’s his 2009 cameo in EastEnders that many would like to forget about, given its placing on the cringe-ometer.

When the Brexit backing Tory leader candidate was merely a humble mayor of London, he decided to up his profile and get down with the kids by popping into the Queen Vic for a pint. The storyline was a complex one and involved nuanced performances from all involved but basically, the scene in question saw Boris burst a tyre on his bicycle.

Of course, the first point of call, unless there’s a Halfords around (other bicycle repair shops are available), is to pop into the local watering hole and get balddered after being served by Dame Barbara Windsor.

In a ‘hide behind the cushion’ sequence from a decade ago, Peggy Mitchell was ranting to Sam Mitchell and Roxy Mitchell (RIP) about the state of the capital and vowed that if she ever came face to face with Boris, then she would give him what for.

Cue a sitcom-like entrance into the bar from the man himself. Suddenly it was a different story and she was fawning over Boris like a giddy teenager with a penchant for bumbling blonde politicians.

As Roxy, Sam and an audience of millions watched on with horror, Boris gave Peggy his card to allow her to make any suggestions to make life in Walford any better. Given the death and crime rate of Albert Square alone, it seemed he needed all the help he could get.

Peggy took the card but it seems she forgot to warn Boris that if a Conservative Prime Minister ever suggested a referendum on leaving the EU, he should be advised to think long and hard about it first.

Basically, this is all Peggy Mitchell’s fault by being star struck.

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