‘Rape in marriage was ok in 70s’ Trisha Goddard stuns GMB viewers ahead of fourth marriage

GMB: Trisha Goddard discusses the history of marriage

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The television presenter, 64, appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Tuesday to discuss how marriage has changed ahead of her fourth wedding. Speaking to hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley, she talked about the history of marriage and explained rape used to be considered “okay” when it was a husband and wife decades ago. ITV viewers took to social media to challenge the 64-year-old’s “depressing” take on marriage.

The chat show icon recently became engaged for the fourth time.

Discussing this on Good Morning Britain, she explained: “Okay, so let’s look at what marriage really is, it was created as a way to bind women to men, financially and fiscally.

“The church didn’t get involved until the 12th century when the catholic (faith) needed to expand on fortunes and congregations so they gave blessing.

“Rape in marriage was okay in the 70s when you and I were youngsters, Richard, it was perfectly alright to rape your wife.

“A historian noted that marriage has changed more in the last 40 years than in the previous 5,000 years.

“And I actually think it’s a good discussion to have because marriage isn’t the same anymore.

“Not everybody marries for romantic reasons, that’s only a relatively new thing that only started n the middle ages.

“And not all cultures marry for romantic reasons it’s often fiscal, for tribal survival.”

She added: “For people from slave stock like myself we were shackled, we were goods and we were used.”

“I think marriage and the nature of union has changed and will keep changing.

“None of us go into marriage thinking it’s just for the week or the month or the year.

“We all want it to last forever, and sadly that’s not always the case.”

Outraged viewers quickly challenged the views on social media.

Twitter Kev wrote: “What a disgusting, depressing take on marriage, rape, colonisation, shackles? F*** off Trisha,.#gmb.”

The Ghost of RETROBOY posted a Giff reading “Keep it light” which she captioned: “Trisha…you could rape your Wife #gmb.”

Marlon Gordon penned: “#GMB trisha are you really giving out marriage advice.”

“#GMB in a nutshell, it’s each to their own. Marriage is an act; it’s about the love & loyalty,” Emmanuelle Mimieux argued.

Schofs added: “I genuinely think women used to stay in their marriage because of the financial security it provided to them and their children.

“Now, they make their own money they don’t need that safety net, they no longer put up with the s*** they used to.

“Just a thought… #GMB.”

“Why is this even a conversation?” Louise Yorke shared. (sic)

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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