Quiz fans shocked to see EastEnders’ Alice Branning in new ITV drama – The Sun

QUIZ fans were forced to do a double take as they spotted a much-loved EastEnders star in the midst of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire's biggest ever scandal.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted Albert Square actress Jasmyn Banks, who played Alice Branning, take a starring role as TV show worker Nicola Howson in ITV's latest prime time show.

The brunette had kept her blunt cut fringe, which perhaps played a giveaway for some soap addicts spotting Derek Branning's daughter, who arrived in Walford in 2012.

Yet their successful identity mission proved all the more impressive considering Alice only starred in EastEnders for a year.

Her exit storyline saw her arrested for the murder of Michael Moon – something she did not commit.

Fans quickly took to Twitter as the first of Quiz's three-part series aired, with one gushing: "#Quiz Couldn’t place the PR agent – thanks to @matth_campbell its Alice Branning from EastEnders (currently in jail somewhere maybe?)."

Another posted: "ALICE BRANNING. #quiz."

One then spotted the actress on screen and reminisced: "Remembering the time we met Alice Branning at Mighty Hoopla."

Jasmine joined the likes of actor Michael Sheen for ITV's new drama, centred on major Charles Ingram.

The contestant scooped a million pounds on Chris Tarrant's quiz show yet was later accused of cheating by planting a person in the audience who would cough each time Chris, 73, said the correct answer.

Almost as soon as the show finished, fans immediately took to Twitter to praise the "perfect" casting of Michael Sheen as quizmaster Chris.

The actor, 51, was uncanny as Tarrant in the first episode of ITV's three part drama documenting the scandal of the coughing Major.

Sheen captured Tarrant's voice, mannerisms and even his look and viewers flocked to Twitter to compliment him.

One wrote: "Martin Sheen absolutely brilliant again as Chris Tarrant. To go with his impeccable performance as Brian Clough & sensational David Frost #martinsheen #talent #quiz."


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