‘Politics getting in the way’ BGT viewers slam judges for semi-final vote

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The final instalment of the semi-finals aired on Friday night and saw the remaining contestants perform for their chance to be sent through to the final on Sunday. After comedian Axel Blake was chosen by the public to go through, it was between poet and activist Aneeshwar Kunchala and Welsh of West End. Viewers were left fuming at the judges and claimed “politics” had something to do with their choice of sending young Aneeshwar through to the final.

Taking to their Twitter page, Theo Campbell commented: “Politics getting in the way. Judges scared to go against the ‘trend’ for fear of a) upsetting a 7-year-old and b) the hateful comments and poor ratings #BGT.” [Sic]

@Alibo82 added: “It’s just a platform for government brainwashing to get the agenda through, absolute drivel and has lost all credibility for talent it once had!”

@CourierBoyUK said: “If an adult had done an identical act, they probably wouldn’t have made the top three, or even the semi’s #bgt.”

@KarenlovesGB fumed: “Brilliant singers lost to a kid ‘on a mission’ #bgt I’d like to know what the viewers’ vote was.”

However, not all viewers were annoyed by the result, with @Christysclimb7 praised: “Big well done to that little boy! Like to see some of you get up there and do that, he was brilliant and very deserving!” (sic)

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