Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Harry Redknapp’s wife Sandra breaks down during marriage chat

Piers Morgan was back in the interview seat tonight as Harry Redknapp joined him for a chat on tonight’s edition of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

The Good Morning Britain presenter grilled the former football manger on his personal and professional life but there was one moment that brought his wife Sandra, who was watching in the audience, to tears.

Quoting from Harry’s autobiography, Piers said: “Sandra, while I’ve been managing all these years, she’s the one who’s managed me. What is it like to manage Harry Redknapp?”

“Really it’s been hard work for her, she looks after me unbelievable I mean it’s embarrassing really she does everything for me,” remarked Harry

Piers continued: “They say don’t they that behind every great man is a great woman, do you think that’s true in your case?”

The King of the Jungle replied: “Yeah Sandra’s my rock definitely we don’t row,” before Piers questioned: “Really, ever?”

“Occasionally very very very rarely,” he answered causing Piers to hit back: That’s remarkable!”

During their conversation the camera panned to Sandra in the audience who could be seen in tears as she listened to Harry discuss their marriage.

Later on in the interview Harry opened up about his son Jamie’s divorce from wife Louise.

Piers remarked: “Everything that happens in [your] family gets splashed across the papers. 

“And recently your son Jamie has been through the tabloid ringer a bit by splitting from his wife Louise, what did you think about their split?” 

Harry revealed: “No, I was choked. Absolutely could never ever see that happening. I thought they were going to be married forever.

“They weren’t a showbiz marriage, if you like. Lou just didn’t want to be anywhere without Jamie, they were very, very down to earth the pair of them. 

“Me and Sandra were completely shocked when it happened.” 

Piers continued to probe Harry on whether he thought his son and Louise would reunite. 

“Do you think there is any hope they could get back together? Piers asked. 

Harry answered: “I don’t know, I mean only they know that Piers, but they were a great couple together that’s for sure.” 

Piers Moran’s Life Stories continues with the final interview of the series next week.

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Piers Morgan Life Stories continues Saturday at 9:35pm on ITV

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