Piers Morgan responds to ITV’s boosted aftercare for Love Island contestants

Piers Morgan has spoken out about ITV’s decision to boost aftercare for Love Island contestants.

The 54-year-old Good Morning Britain presenter appeared on The One Show opposite hosts Angela Scanlon and Matt Baker, where the topic of ITV’s new aftercare guidelines was raised.

Speaking on the show, Piers said: ‘It’s really difficult isn’t it? People want to be on television. How can you be 100 per cent sure, whoever they are, that actually the impact of the fame that comes – we’re used to it, we’re used to walking out after a show like this and everyone recognises you or asks you for a picture.

‘If you’re not used to that, what happens when you put people in front of a screen and off they go? It doesn’t just apply to Love Island or The Jeremy Kyle Show, or this show, or any show like that, it can equally apply, I think, to news coverage.

‘When there’s a disaster and people from news organisations stuff cameras right in front of people who are grieving, or have just lost relatives in a plane crash or something, do they all go through a duty of care process? And yet they’re being put on television in front of millions of people.

‘It’s a really difficult area. I think ITV are very acutely aware, because of the Jeremy Kyle thing, they’ve got to be extra careful with shows like Love Island. Two contestants took their lives and you’ve got to take that very seriously, but I do say people go on Love Island, they know what the show is, you know what you’re going to get.

‘My advice to people if you’re remotely concerned about the impact of the fame that may come with it, then don’t do the show.’

In the new guidelines, ITV outlined three key stages for the pre-filming, filming and aftercare – with the latter getting an increase in support.

This extra support includes enhanced psychological support and more detailed conversations with potential Islanders regarding the impact of participating on the show.

Each potential contestant will be given social media and financial management to help them tackle their sudden cash flow and attention online.

Love Island returns on 3 June on ITV2.

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