Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid ‘kiss’ on Good Morning Britain as fans go wild

Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid gave fans quite a show on air today as they leaned in for a steamy smooch for the cameras.

Despite the steamy kiss drawing in quite a lot of attention on social media, all was not as it seemed as the pair firmly obeyed Coronavirus distancing rules.

Breakfast hosts Piers, 55, and Susanna, 49, were busy chatting about a particular camera tip that Jake Wood, from Eastenders had suggested.

Giving away behind the scenes secrets from the BBC soap, he said in order to maintain COVID-19 social distancing measures, producers had asked them to bring in their real life partners for kissing scenes.

Delving further into the backstage antics, Piers insisted that the tactic was to ask partners and spouses to wear a wig so that viewers wouldn't know the difference.

However, Piers and Susanna had their own nifty trick up their sleeve and wanted to share a better hack for intimate moments on-screen.

Showing Eastenders how it's done the pair, who sit side by side on the ITV morning show, appeared to lean in for a steamy smooch but were actually being filmed on separate screens.

Trying to demonstrate how the screen splitting kissing scene could look, the pair tried on numerous occasions to marry their lips together without their faces blending with one another.

Despite their best efforts, their moment of passion didn't really look that life like so the BBC soap certainly had the last laugh.

Piers joked: "It is amazing what you can do, we are more than two metres apart!"

Fans rushed to social media to comment on the moment, as one wrote: "Love watching you guys amazing energy and plenty of giggles , very much needed on these grey dark days."

Another added: "A bit of light hearted fun .. class good morning Britain…"

A third chipped in: "What all fans wanted to see has finally happened."

Only last week the TV presenters found themselves at the 'butt' of a joke when one fan Tweeted in to suggest Susanna appeared to be "fondling Piers bum".

It turned out some fans were again confused by the divided screen and although she was nowhere near to her co-star it seemed like she was going in for a grab.

An amused Piers, could resist embarrassing Susanna as he read out the Tweet on air.

He giggled: "Someone's just tweeted in and said, 'Piers, your split screen effect occasionally makes Susanna appear to be fondling your bottom'."

Wanting to give viewers a good laugh, Susanna moved her arm into Piers direction in a fond embrace as Piers chirped: "Oof!"

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