Peter Kay lining up TV return as Paddy McGuinness teases Max and Paddy revival

Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere: Peter Kay stars in 2004 series

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Paddy McGuinness has responded to former co-star Peter Kay’s comments about a possible Max and Paddy revival. While the two have high hopes the Channel 4 show will return, the pair claimed a new season of the sitcom was unlikely. However, they teased audiences by revealing two new special episodes have already been written.

Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere was a Channel 4 sitcom that ran for six episodes in 2004.

The show followed Peter and Paddy’s fugitive characters as they toured the UK in a camper van after an incident in the prequel series Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights.

However, Peter recently told the crowd at a stand-up show about his plans for a revival.

He said: “We actually wrote two Christmas specials, then we never made them, so you never know.”

The comedian noted how much he loved filming the series and it was “one of the best times” he had.

The revelation will surely excite fans and Paddy commented on the rumours in response to Peter’s comments.

He told The Sun Peter just “threw it out there, but that’s what he does”.

“He makes an appearance once every three or four years and says we’re going to do some Max and Paddy, then no one sees him again.

“And then every interview I do it’s like, ‘When’s it back?’”

Paddy explained he is always texting his former co-star after he starts blabbing about a revival.

Though he is more open to the idea now after rereading the scripts that were already written and realising they will “go down really well”.

Despite ending 17 years ago, Peter’s comments have made fans eager to see the show return.

Paddy told LADbible he would only return if they managed to “strike the right tone”, otherwise it wouldn’t work after all these years.

“We’ve always said we’d like to do it again,” Paddy told LADbible, “But that will be when it will be.

“I know with Max and Paddy, we have two one-hour specials in the bag, so that’s done,” he teased.

He also revealed the two are still discussing a return for Max and Paddy and stated there is “no doubt” they’ll get back together soon for something special.

However, while decisions are still being made, Paddy told fans they shouldn’t “hold their breath” at the moment.

A second season of Max and Paddy was initially planned for release in 2006 but it never came to fruition.

Those revival plans were dashed after Peter chose to focus on the third season of Phoenix Nights instead of the sequel series.

However, the co-stars have always stated their respective characters would make their way back to the screen through special episodes rather than a full season.

Fans of the popular sitcom will surely be waiting with bated breath for further news from the actors, however, sadly it seems viewers will have to wait a little longer than expected.

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