‘People reached tipping point!’ Susanna Reid erupts at protesters in face of crying woman

Insulate Britain protesters have ‘lost the argument’ says expert

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Joining Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell on Tuesday morning, climate columnist Donnachadh McCarthy discussed the Insulate Britain protestors and the trouble surrounding their movements. Reid went on to express her anger towards the protestors who jammed the Blackwall Tunnel recently, stopping a woman from getting to her sick mother.

Talking to Donnachadh McCarthy, Reid said: “We don’t know how many people were in that jam, who also needed to get through because of financial reasons.

“For instance, trying to earn a wage in order to be able to pay those bills or who might have had medical conditions, or who needed to get to hospital appointments.

“Can you see that actually these protests while we support the broader aim and take your point about the consequences of climate change, can you not see you’re actually undermining the cause when you see a woman like that begging protestors who are refusing to let her through?”

Donnachadh began: “Every protest in Britain disrupts the public, but in fact, if you look at history, governments when they’re failing to act to protect the public.

“They’re failing to protect lives, unfortunately, disruptive protests have had to be resorted to, and it’s desperation.

“In September 2018, two worries were getting to the world, one by the W.H.O saying we were not prepared for pandemic, and the head of the UN said we were heading towards a crisis,” he said.

He explained humanity is facing a breakdown of civilisation, and the government were focusing on the wrong things.

Interrupting, Reid probed: “The irony is, of course, Donnachadh is a result of these protests the government is going to bring in stronger measures against protestors.

“Jerry Hayes, I think a lot of people watching yesterday they reached a tipping point actually when you see a woman who is in desperation and is in tears because her mother needs her.”

“That’s the point in which they’ve lost support, but the problem is these protestors do have a point, they’re losing public support for it though, aren’t they,” she asked.

“You’ve nailed it in one Susanna,” Jerry Hayes, barrister and former MP blasted. “At the end of the day, Donnachadh is rather smug, and the self-satisfied supporters have lost the argument.”

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Before speaking to the climate columnist, Reid snapped: “What sort of person blocks the road when a woman is begging you to move out of the way so she can get to see her elderly mother who I being taken to hospital.”

Campbell: “I mean, there is a sort of overwhelming sanctimoniousness to the people who stand there and hear that and say my cause is bigger than your cause, my fight is bigger than your mother’s life,”

Joining the presenters on the topic was Dr Hilary Jones, who commented: “It’s arrogance of conviction, isn’t it?

“Complete arrogance of what they believe in, and they won’t listen to anybody else’s confidence in their own beliefs it’s outrageous.”

Agreeing with what Reid and Campbell said on the subject, viewers of the programme expressed their views on Twitter.

Ann Maria wrote: “Would they refuse to let an ambulance through if one of their fellow protestors was seriously injured by a vehicle breaking through their sit down. As tempers rise, this could happen.”

Joanne Doherty added: “It’s all going to end in tears for the protestors. They’re taking it too far now, soon enough, they will come across a member of the public that are less understanding.

“Someone will just run them over to get through & then the government will make a big deal of it! #littletoolate.”

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