Peaky Blinders fans go wild for epic Oswald Mosley crossover in new BBC series World on Fire

PEAKY Blinders fans have gone wild for an epic Oswald Mosley crossover in new BBC series World on Fire.

The seven-part drama started last night, a week after the Cillian Murphy-led period drama concluded its fifth season in typically dramatic fashion.

World on Fire provided Peaky fans with an antidote to their withdrawal symptoms, especially because part of its storyline deals with the rise of fascist leader Oswald Mosley and the blackshirts.

Peaky fans have watched actor Sam Claflin play the role during the fifth series.

While the 33-year-old doesn't reprise the role in the new series, it was still pleasing for Peaky fans to see the narrative continue.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "#PeakyBlinders ends and we continue to see Mosley's fascists… if only Finn had kept his mouth shut #WorldOnFire @BBCOne never disappoints."

Another added: "Didn’t expect Oswald bloody Mosley to show up in what I’ve dubbed my replacement of Peaky Blinders on a Sunday night! #WorldOnFire #PeakyBlinders @BBCOne."

A third tweeted: "My word, that was a seamless transition from #PeakyBlinders to #WorldOnFire on Sundays with the Mosley connection! I'm not surprised they're showing Manchester instead of Birmingham. Save them for later…"

A fourth agreed, writing: "So #PeakyBlinders ended with Mosley and #WorldonFire starts with Mosley? Accidental or clever scheduling?"

Mosley's appearance in World on Fire helped mirror the rise of the Nazis across Europe in the 1930s.

The series follows multiple characters in different parts of Europe, including Poland, France and England.

World on Fire stars Sean Bean as Douglas Bennett, a former World War I soldier, Blake Harrison as Stan, a sergeant in the army and Helen Hunt as a groundbreaking US journalist.

World on Fire airs on Sunday, October 6 at 9pm on BBC One. 

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