Outlander season 5: Claire Fraser’s real parents revealed in twist fans did not see coming

Outlander fans love nothing more than delving into the deeper echelons of detail in the hit STARZ show. And while many viewers have picked up some theories and secret details throughout the first four seasons, speculation has now begun around Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) and whether her backstory is really as simple as it seems.

Fans will know Claire was brought up by her uncle, Uncle Lamb (Prentis Hancock) – however not much is known about the rest of her family.

It is said Claire’s parents – Uncle Lamb’s brother and his wife – were killed in 1923, leaving Claire an orphan.

However this detail is quickly brushed over in both the books and the show, and viewers are starting to become suspicious.

Reddit user GrlNxtDoorAng recently proposed the theory Claire is instead from the 1800s, where she feels most at home.

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They wrote: “I’m possibly way off here, but I’ve read as far as halfway through An Echo In The Bone and randomly started wondering – Is anyone else not 100 [per cent] convinced Claire is truly from the 1900’s originally?

“We know so little about her parents and also know that some kids can go through the stones with their parents… “

The viewer went on to suggest, how considering Uncle Lamb is a historian and archeologist, perhaps he simply found Claire one day?

They went on: “I mean do we 100 [per cent] know that Uncle Lamb didn’t just come across her during one of his adventurous work trips and choose to take her with him/raise her?”

While this theory wouldn’t really change anything about Claire’s story in America at the moment, it would certainly add some flavour to her background.

It would however explain why she has always been drawn to the past when she was in the present day.

Another fan agreed with this sentiment, as they said: “I’ve also thought this. We don’t know her family and I feel like there’s a story to that.

“She feels at home in the past. She was somehow drawn to the past by something or someone.”

Meanwhile, Jamie Fraser star Sam Heughan recently teased a huge battle was on its way in an interview.

Speaking to Parade, Sam said: “He has to secure this land and make it a safe place for them, so he goes in league with the British.”

However, Sam added, Jamie will struggle to do this, as for him “that’s a pretty hard thing to do”.

He also went on to tease a “great war” is on its way to their lives, threatening to complicate everything even further.


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Despite the impending war, Sam continued, the husband and wife duo will tackle their issues together.

He explained they will “fight to make sure they are on the right side” of the war.

On the big battles that are on their way to the show, Sam explained they were extremely “challenging” for him.

Outlander returns February 16 on STARZ and Amazon Prime Video.

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