Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen reveals her biggest insecurity – and it could completely derail the show

OUR Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen has revealed her biggest insecurity which could completely derail the show.

The shepherdess has opened up about her fears and "insecurity" of losing Ravenseat Farm.

A farmer asked Amanda why she would want to live the North Yorkshire farm and while the TV star explained why she loves it so much, she also disclosed her fears about living there.

"I love this place and the challenges it brings,” Amanda explained in her book.

"I never want to live anywhere other than Ravenseat but the simple fact is that we are tenant farms.

“Ravenseat is part of an estate and has been for centuries. It doesn’t belong to us.”

She went on: "That insecurity and the question of what the future would hold for our family kept me awake at night, wondering, worrying."

The mother-of-nine mentioned her husband Clive has done his best to reassure her that they will not lose their beloved farm.

She added: "'Life’s too short to worry about the what-ifs, yer not supposed to know what’s in’t future,’ Clive would say.

"'Ay, I’d agree but unfortunately the fact that I’m considerably younger than you means I’m gonna be the one left with the worries.’

“He’d scowl [because] nobody likes to think about their mortality and Clive was no exception.” (sic)

Earlier this month Amanda's neighbours reveal what it's like living next to a family of 11.

Patricia and Ronald Tyler have lived next to Ravenseat Farm for the past two decades and watched the Owen family's stock rise over the years.

Speaking about Amanda and their big family, Mrs. Tyler said: "They are fantastic neighbours. They are there if we need them not intrusive.

"The gamekeeper lives near as well and they are all very good neighbours – happy and content."

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