Operation Transformation time: Kathryn Thomas is looking for this year's leaders

The search has begun for five new leaders to take part in the next series of ‘Operation Transformation’ (‘OT’) presented by Kathryn Thomas.

The RTÉ host, who recently married restaurateur Pádraig McLoughlin in Co Kildare, said that she was delighted to be back.

“I can’t wait for the next season of ‘OT’. The leaders are what make the show every year.”

She has described an ‘OT’ leader as someone who is “really ready and committed to changing their lives”.

On her Twitter account, she encouraged people to apply for the show, saying: “If you or someone you know needs to take back control of your health, now is your chance. You can do it.”

The new season of ‘OT’ will be on RTÉ in 2020. The national broadcaster confirmed in July that it would return for its 13th season.

On the show, experts give advice to the leaders over the course of eight weeks, giving them the help they need to get healthier, as well as providing inspiration to viewers.

Research has shown that one in three people who watched ‘OT’ reported making a positive lifestyle change as a result of the show, according to Safefood.

Meanwhile, it’s been a busy time for the Carlow native, who tied the knot in Kilkea Castle last month in front of 200 guests.

“It was great. We danced for three days, we had a great time,” she said.

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