Olivia Attwood reveals sign Love Island’s ‘brazen’ Tyler will rekindle with Kaz

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Hi guys! It's Olivia Attwood here with more takes on all the latest Love Island goings on, and what a week it's been with the return of Casa Amor!

Poor Millie Court, I found it really uncomfortable to watch but I have to admit, it has been great television. The way Liam Reardon walked back in on his own and then was almost celebrating thinking he'd got away with it!

He was obviously not expecting Lillie Haynes to follow him behind, it was just such good TV.

It's been a very hard situation for Millie but I think it's good that Liam has had to face up to the truth, it looked like he was going to get away with it for a minute. He's obviously very young and I think he's just gone into Casa Amor thinking with his d**k. It's typical lad's holiday effect, the day before he's come home he's sobered up so to speak and was like, 'Oh God, do I want to bring this holiday girl home with me?'. I predicted that she would take him back because it is so different in there from the real world.

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If you were dating someone in the real world you would be done but when you're stuck in the same house as that person, sharing a bedroom and stuff, it is really hard, especially if there's nobody else that you like. It's so easy to just move on from things.

Her taking him back doesn't necessarily mean they'll last on the outside, there's no way of telling. Me and Chris Hughes were loyal to each other in Casa Amor but we didn't last when we got out, there's no direct correlation. If I was her, that would be quite exposing behaviour for me, though. If she can't trust him on national television to act right then can she trust him in a club when he's not being watched by the whole of the UK? But saying that, they have only been dating for a very short while so if their relationship does grow then his future actions should hopefully reflect that.

I don't like to make excuses for him but I think Toby Aromolaran's actions are also quite age reflective, it's very young behaviour from him. He's just having his cake and eating it.

I was surprised to hear that Toby was circling back to Chloe Burrows because he cast her away in a way that I think was pretty cold. He left her standing up there like a d**khead, but for her I wonder if it feels more like a game and like she's won the prize? That's the vibe I'm getting from her.

I could see Abi Rawlings and Dale Mehmet were going to get together, I think they could work. I really don't know about Mary Bedford though, I guess there could be potential with her and Matthew MacNabb if Kaz Kamwi casts him off but it's just seeing if it will be anything deep enough.

Speaking of Kaz, I really like her and have been team Kaz since day one but I feel like she's becoming so immersed in her own journey and getting what she thinks she deserves that the online consensus is that she's being a bit hypocritical.

The exact thing she's been crying about Tyler Cruickshank doing to her, she expected Matthew to do for her. I think it's weird that she's crying at the prospect of that from Tyler but was then very put out and shocked when Matthew wasn't happy to be in the same position she's in.

I don't know where this road goes for her. Tyler's a d**k, let's have that straight. He is very brazen. My personal opinion is that he has watched the show, bombshells know everything. I think he might not be interested in Kaz and would rather be with Clarisse Juliette but the game player side of his head is thinking if he bins off Kaz, him and Clarrise would be out within the week, but if he sticks with Kaz he'll probably end up in the final.

I think that's the internal debate he's having. His argument makes no sense, if he really liked Kaz then he wouldn't even have brought Clarisse back. I might be cynical and wrong, but I don't think he's as innocent as he's making out.

I'm on the fence about whether Faye Winter overreacted to the postcard or not. It felt like she did because it was obviously heartbreaking when Teddy Soares came back on his own but I do understand her concern. I don't think she did anything too crazy, she probably wishes she hadn't judged so quickly but I completely understand why she did.

In our series, I was shown on the postcard that Chris was in bed with a girl and I was a bit mad but it didn't make me want to recouple because we didn't know what Casa Amor was, it was the first time they'd done it, I thought there was no way he'd bring back another girl.

But now it's been on for so many seasons, so many girls have seen other girls left standing at the fire pit and they're more paranoid, so the postcard has more impact because they don't want to be the d**khead standing at the firepit on their own.

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I think Teddy and Faye are real contenders to win. The couples that go on a journey do the best because the viewers become so invested in their story. I think this series it's really hard to call a winner but I definitely see them in the final.

People really like Liberty Poole but if her and Jake Cornish don't win, I think it will be because people are seeing him as a bit of a game player, and what a stupid game he's playing!

I think he's forgotten that we see everything. Liam is responsible for his own actions – we can't blame Jake for it – nobody put a gun to his head, but he was very encouraging and is now the one creeping around the bedroom helping him write notes. It all feels a bit insincere and looks a bit snakey.

Has Hugo Hammond been poorly? He's not even been in the last couple of episodes! I know in my series a couple of people ended up with sunstroke and spent a day out of the villa to go to the Medicentre so I thought that might have been the case but maybe they just have nothing to show, it feels like he's been very absent.

I think it's hard for Amy Day because I think she genuinely did like Hugo but he just never seems to give a lot back from what we see. They looked really cute together when they walked back in but if he's not giving her anything to work with then it must be so frustrating.

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