Ofcom flooded with more complaints over Piers Morgan’s clash with Helen Whately

Ofcom has been flooded with more complaints about Piers Morgan, following another clash with MP Helen Whately.

The pair went head-to-head on today’s instalment of Good Morning Britain – just a week after their last heated debate.

Viewers were clearly riled up when the host called out the Care Minister, after it was revealed that the number of coronavirus tests given had decreased – with the UK well away from the target of 100,000 tests a week.

And Ofcom has confirmed to that they have received 214 complaints about this morning’s interview so far.

Things between the pair came to a head when Piers asked about the number of Covid-19 tests, with Helen insisting everyone was working as hard as possible to ensure there was adequate testing available.

The MP then suggested that Susanna Reid’s co-host should stop talking over her attempts to clear up the figures surrounding care home deaths.

‘I’ve been quite straight with you and others I have spoken to that we know people are dying in care homes and we know more people than usual are dying in care homes,’ she said.

‘The problem is, you just keep on interrupting me.’

‘The problem is Minister, you don’t have any answers,’ he hit back. ‘You just waffle.’

Discussing their interview on Twitter, Piers later insisted that he was not ‘bullying’ the politician, but simply doing his job.

‘It’s not “bullying” or “hounding” or “unfair” to push a Care minister hard on how many care home residents & workers have died from COVID-19.

‘It’s called “holding Govt to account”. The Govt is grossly understating the real number, I suspect for political reasons.’

Their latest clash came just days after Helen appeared on the show for another tussle with Piers – who accused her of awkwardly laughing when discussing the reported figures of care home deaths that have gone unreported. 

People watching from home were unhappy with the presenter’s line of questioning, leading to a whopping 1910 complaints filed to the watchdog.

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