Noughts and Crosses season 2. episode 1 cast: Who stars in the BBC series?

Noughts and Crosses: Jack Rowan stars in BBC trailer

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Season two will see the return of Callum (played by Jack Rowan) and Sephy (Masali Baduza) who are desperately trying to flee Albion in search of a new life together, while the city they left behind ignites in the wake of Sephy’s ‘kidnap’. has all you need to know about who will be joining the main cast of the BBC series.

Who is in season two, episode one of Noughts and Crosses?

Michael Dapaah (Mensah)

A powerful and well-known TV personality whose influence stretches far across Albion, Mensah has a fractious relationship with his onscreen co-host, Chidi.

Judi Love (Chidi Abara)

Chidi is a new addition to the BBC series and will be played by Loose Women panellist and comedian Judi Love. She will work alongside Mensa as a TV presenter.

Mayuri Naidu (Shashi Bandara MP)

Shashi, a new character added to the star-studded drama, will be played by High Rollers star Mayuri Naidu.

Iretiola Doyle (Empress of Aprica)

TV presenter and public speaker Iretiola will also be introduced in series two as the Empress of Aprica.

Jasmine Jobson (Cara)

Top Boy star Jasmine will play Cara, who is a new addition to the BBC series. Cara will play an enigmatic new figure in Jude’s (Josh Dylan) life.

Robert Hands (Clem)

Robert will also be joining the line-up for season two and will play the part of Clem.

The cast reprising their roles for season two are:

Paterson Joseph (Home Secretary Kamal Hadley)

Kamal is a politician and being the Prime Minister of Great Britain and a Cross he sees himself as superior to all around him, especially Noughts.

He also wants to give police more powers to crack down on noughts causing unrest.

Helen Baxendale (Meggie McGregor)

Margaret “Meggie” McGregor is the mother of Callum, Jude and Lynette, and the wife of Ryan McGregor.

She also works for Jasmine Hadley as a member of the household staff.

Kiké Brimah (Minerva Hadley)

Minerva is the daughter of Kamal and Jasmine Hadley, and the older sister of Persephone “Sephy” Hadley.

When Sephy falls pregnant by Callum McGregor, Minerva is the one who tells their parents about the pregnancy.

Masali Baduza (Persephone “Sephy” Hadley)

Sephy is the daughter of Jasmine Hadley and Kamal Hadley and the younger sister of Minerva Hadley. She is also the half-sister of Yaro Hadley-Baloyi.

Sephy’s boyfriend Callum McGregor is a Nought, and throughout season one they had to face many challenges together.

Sephy also fell pregnant with Callum’s baby and they want to start a new life together.

Jack Rowan (Callum McGregor)

Callum is a Nought who has grown up in Albion. He is the son of Ryan McGregor and Meggie McGregor and the younger brother of Lynette and Jude.

Callum is the father of Sephy’s child, who they name Callie Rose.

Mbuli (Jasmine Hadley)

Jasmine is Kamal’s wife and Sephy’s mother. She is not happy in her marriage and often confides in Meggie for advice.

Jonathan Ajayi (Lekan)

Lekan was Sephy’s boyfriend and a member of the Aprican army. He and Callum have never seen eye to eye.

Josh Dylan (Jude McGregor)

Jude is Callum’s hot-headed older brother and he makes his feelings clear about how Noughts are treated.

Noughts + Crosses series 2 starts on April 26 at 10.40pm on BBC One.

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