Neighbours theory: Toadie Rebecchi to betray Melanie Pearson in affair twist?

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Toadie (played by Ryan Maloney) has always struggled when it has come to finding love on Neighbours, with the Ramsay Street resident having had numerous lovers over the past couple of years. In recent months, it seems Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) could be the character he is ready to settle down with as the couple have got over their age gap and the likes of Rose Walker (Lucy Durack) trying to meddle with their relationship. However, it could be the arrival of Kiri Hua Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) which sees the Channel 5 soap veteran destroy his own chances of happiness.

Although he is currently comfortable in his relationship with Melanie, Toadie could become intrigued by Kiri as she arrives on Ramsay Street in the fallout of what happened at the River Bend.

Kiri will show her face in Erinsborough after forming a romantic bond with Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) as it seems she is keen to start a relationship with the mother of one.

However, Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) will derail things between the two women as he doesn’t want Kiri to find out she is his long-lost daughter.

The damage he does to the romance will be unrepairable but it seems the newcomer will stick around regardless as she interacts with other characters on the show.

One of them could be Toadie as she might be in need of some legal advice, bringing the two characters into each other’s orbit.

As the pair spend more and more time together, they could realise they have a lot in common, resulting in a spark forming between them.

Melanie could become well aware of the two characters’ bond and her insecurities about her romance with Toadie could rise to the surface again.

The lawyer could reassure his partner she has nothing to worry about but as he has another meeting with Kiri, he could be shocked when she leans in for a kiss.

This would leave him with a huge dilemma on his hands as he knows he has feelings for both the women in his life at the moment.

Although he doesn’t want to betray Melanie, he could give in to temptation and begin an affair with the newcomer in secret.

There’s more romance

Gemma Bird Matheson

The actress who plays Kiri, Gemma, has suggested her character is going to have multiple love interests after her failed dalliance with Nicolette.

Gemma explained: “There’s more romance, of course.

“I think Neighbours fans are going to have some opinions on Kiri’s love interests and where they end up,” she told Inside Soap Magazine.

It wasn’t indicated who Kiri could end up falling for but given Toadie’s chequered past with relationships, he could be one of the characters who she ends up having a romance with.

Melanie would be beside herself if she were to discover her partner was having an affair behind her back and with a younger woman.

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Toadie’s partner would fume at him over lying to her and she would go about tarnishing his name all over Ramsay Street.

Melanie hasn’t reacted well to relationships failing in the past and therefore, Toadie should be prepared for the onslaught heading his way.

However, as he realises the massive mistake he has made with Kiri, could he beg Melanie for her forgiveness and give him another chance?

Having been on the tail end of too much heartache over the years, Melanie could decide enough is enough and she is going to put herself first.

Knowing this is the end of the line for her relationship with Toadie, will the beloved character make her exit from the show?

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Speaking with last year about the unlikely romance between the two characters, the actor who plays Toadie, Ryan, spoke of his reaction to finding out his alter-ego was going to be paired with Melanie.

The soap star said: “I was rapt because I knew a character like Melanie can only be played with humour, and those are my favourite storylines, the ones that make you laugh.”

Asked if he could see a future with this romance, Ryan added: “The best outcome would be ‘happily ever after’.

“But it’s Neighbours, we know that they are definitely going to hit some bumps along the way,” he continued, hinting at a possible sour end to the relationship.

Therefore, there could be a high chance Melanie is not the one for Toadie and Kiri could be his Mrs Right.

The actress who plays Melanie, Lucinda, also spoke about the romance between her character and Ramsay Street stalwart Toadie.

Lucinda explained: “I wasn’t expecting it, as Mel is a fair bit older than Toadie, I assumed they were just going to be workmates.

“But I love working with Ryan so I’m happy to be working more with him.”

Discussing their future, the actress added: “I think they have fun together and I think they both need some fun, I think they are good company for each other and wouldn’t ever get bored.”

But will this all end in heartache if Toadie does end up betraying his partner?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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