Neighbours’ Aaron and David heartbreak as fans sure Nicolette will steal baby

Neighbours' Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) will offer to make a huge commitment to Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) next week.

The couple have decided that they want to finally become parents as David prepares to fly to Canada to start the baby-making process.

However, as their excitement starts to build before David's departure, Nicolette makes them a huge offer.

She tells them that she is willing to be their surrogate, leaving them gobsmacked as they weigh up their options.

They realise that it would make much more sense to have a surrogate closer to home, and part of the process.

Aaron and David quiz her on her intentions but as she insists the offer is genuine, they start to come round to the idea.

But as Aaron suggests to David that this could be their best option, could they end up making a huge mistake?

Fans know that Nicolette is hiding a dark secret from everyone about her past with Audrey, proving that she could perhaps not be one to be trusted.

Could Nicolette's true colours finally come out as she gets pregnant with the couple's baby?

Charlotte teased Nicolette's dark side to Daily Star, as she hinted that she could find herself too attached to the baby, which could be a fresh start for her.

She said: "Nicolette has always wanted to have a family, she felt really unloved and unaccepted by her family because she's gay.

"She wants to rectify that by having her own child in a way for her to get rid of the past hurt she has from Jane even though they're in a good place now

"This might be her only chance to have a child."

Charlotte added: "My hope for Nicolette is he can live in Ramsay Street with her mum and her baby and David and Aaron.

"But it is Neighbours, it is not happening!"

Viewers have also shared the same suspicion, with some fans predicting Nicolette could end up leaving Erinsborough with the baby.

One posted on social media: "I've thought all along she will decide she will be wanting to keep baby."

Another added: "Nicolette's character has always been a shady deceptive one. This is not going to be a lovely happy ending."

A third chipped in: "Nicolette is selfish if she has a baby she will take off with it she don’t care about anyone but herself."

Could Aaron and David end up heartbroken by Nicolette, and how long will it be before her dark past is exposed to everyone?

Neighbours continues on Monday at 1pm on Channel 5

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