'NCIS': Season 19, Episode 3 'Road To Nowhere' Recap — Will Gibbs Ever Return To His Team?


  • Mark Harmon’s Gibbs and Gary Cole’s Agent Parker clash on ‘NCIS’
  • The suspect makes a special request — he wants Gibbs
  • Is Gibbs ever going back to ‘NCIS’?

NCIS Season 19, Episode 3 — titled “Road to Nowhere” — saw Gibbs’ serial killer case go to the next level. Not only are there eight victims. But the clues lead the team to the Pentagon and a major multi-national corporation with a CEO that has something to hide.

As for Gibbs, he separated himself even further from his team while delivering his “special brand of justice.”

Mark Harmon’s Gibbs and Gary Cole’s Agent Parker clash on ‘NCIS’

The latest episode of NCIS picks up where the last one left off — just after Gibbs (Mark Harmon) shot the serial killer he’s been searching for since season 18. However, it was revealed in episode two that the serial killer was actually a contract killer named Paul Lemere (Jason Wiles). And both NCIS and the FBI need to know who hired him.

As the doctors worked on Lemere in the ER, fans got to see Gibbs go head-to-head with FBI Special Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole). He accused Gibbs of being “reckless and dangerous” for shooting their suspect. But as Gibbs makes it clear, it wasn’t a “kill shot.”

The suspect makes a special request — he wants Gibbs

Gibbs was right, and their suspect survives. Parker was convinced that Gibbs had put an end to their investigation by killing their biggest lead. But as the Doctor pointed, Gibbs knew what he was doing when he shot Lemere in Season 19 Episode 2 of NCIS. If the bullet would have hit one millimeter higher, he would have been dead for sure. That’s right, the former Marine sniper has still got it.

When Parker gets the chance to talk to Lemere, he reveals that there is another body they haven’t found yet. He says it’s the body of the first victim, and their identity will explain everything. Lemere promises to show them where the body is, but he has one condition. He wants to work with Gibbs.

Dishing out a ‘special brand of justice’ on ‘NCIS’

Agent Parker insists on tagging along as Lemere guides Gibbs to upstate New York to find the body of his first victim. Before they leave, Gibbs and Parker continue their banter and make it clear that they’re “not partners.”

During the drive it’s clear something’s not right, and Gibbs knows it. As Parker tries to get any kind of info from Lemere, he continues to play his games. The story he tells is Gibbs’ story, which adds to the mystery.

Parker decides it’s time to give up and go back to DC, but Gibbs disagrees. When they stop off to get something to eat, Gibbs ditches Parker and drives off without him. The FBI agent is worried that Gibbs will take the opportunity to dish out his “special brand of justice.” But, there’s also the chance this whole thing could be a set up.

Bringing up the past

Gibbs and Lemere eventually get to an abandoned house, which is where he claims his first victim is. But before they get there, NCIS fans get some Gibbs-focused flashbacks. Lemere claims they are the exact same because they are both killers, and he brings up the revenge Gibbs took on the man who was responsible for the death of his wife and daughter.

It’s clear Gibbs is going through something, and Lemere gets to him. As they scan the property, it’s revealed that Lemere had Gibbs take him to his wife’s grave. He also has the property boobie trapped. After he sees his wife’s grave for the last time, Lemere intentionally steps on a land mine and blows himself up. Case closed, right? Not really.

Gibbs is never going back to ‘NCIS’

While Gibbs was on his road trip with the contract killer, his team was back at NCIS trying to figure out who hired him. The investigation led them to the Pentagon, which put them in the direction of a huge international company called Sonova. It turns out, they wanted to build a copper mine in Alaska. But there were a few people in their way — so someone had them killed.

In next week’s episode, Gibbs is heading to Alaska to follow up on the case. But he’s doing it without the permission of NCIS or the FBI. He’s going rogue. And it’s clear at this point that he’s never going back to his team. But how does Agent Parker — the newest NCIS cast member — fit into all of this? Fans will have to keep watching to find out.

New episodes of NCIS air Monday nights on CBS.

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