Naga Munchetty scolds Charlie Stayt as BBC Breakfast host makes glaring error: ‘Good job!’

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BBC Breakfast was dominated by the news President Donald Trump has been diagnosed with COVID-19 following this week’s explosive debate with Joe Biden. However, veering away from the revelation, Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty also heard from Sir David Attenborough as the nature expert answered questions from younger BBC One viewers about all things wildlife. However, when David had finished, Charlie was left rather red-faced when he made a glaring mix-up.

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As the cameras returned to the BBC Breakfast studio, Charlie clearly enjoyed the segment as he said: “I could just keep listening to more and more questions,

“I love the fact the one little girl had her, I think it was a cat, a cat sitting with her when she asked the question, very appopriate.”

Naga agreed with her co-star before someone clearly corrected Charlie in his ear.

“Oh, it was a puppy,” he said. “I’m just being told it was a Jack Russell puppy!”

Naga could be seen smiling as she saw the funny side of Charlie’s error.

However, Charlie was keen to rectify his mistake, stating: “It was so small, that’s why I thought it was a cat, I’m sorry.”

Spotting the opportunity for a putdown, however, Naga wasted no time in adding to her colleague’s embarassment.

“It’s a good job you’re not the nature expert, isn’t it?” Naga sarcastically asked.

“Well, I’m not am I, clearly” Charlie replied.

The pair shared a giggle as Naga shared the details of David’s upcoming film but the cheeky swipes didn’t stop there.

“I tell you what,” Naga added. “It wouldn’t be Breakfast if we didn’t have a mistake like that at some point.”

Charlie replied: “We won’t be having a ‘ask Charlie’ segment any time soon.”


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