Nadia Sawalha sparks concern with tearful video about her marriage and a big compromise she's had to make

NADIA Sawalha sparked concern among friends and fans as she appeared in a tearful social media video about her marriage.

The Loose Women star was inundated with messages after filming herself speaking about a big compromise she had to make and looking "distraught".

Nadia, 56, tearfully told her followers about a compromise she'd recently had to make with husband Mark Adderley as she sobbed on camera.

She opened up to her fans: "It's what a good marriage is about, isn't it? It's about compromise, so I've said that… I don't even know how to say it."

Pretending to sob and holding her face in her hands, breathing heavily as she walked, Nadia added: "It just goes against everything that I am."

The star then hilariously revealed that she had "agreed to watch the football" with hubby Mark in the spoof clip, saying: "I f***ing hate football."

The Loose Women star had also captioned the video: "SORRY for crying and swearing. I'm distraught, how will I get through it? I NEED your support."

Nadia joked she was considering turning to "multiple snacks, booze or smoking" in order to get through watching the Euros 2021 game.

However, it didn't stop fans from reaching out before getting to the end of the clip, as they were well and truly fooled that something was wrong.

"OH MY GOD, I was seriously worried," wrote pal and fellow presenter Davina McCall in the comments section.

"You almost had me there," one fans chimed in, as a third agreed: "Omg I was stressing at the beginning! Good luck!"

"Luckily I married the one man in the UK who hates football as much as me," actress Denise Welch concluded.

As Nadia nestled in to watch the England game with her husband as they took on Ukraine, she also took to her grid to reveal her horror at their win.

The star joked the 4-0 victory would mean she would "have to" sit through another game in the path to the final on July 11.

Nadia and Mark have been married since 2002 and recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary together.

Nadia penned a sweet tribute to her husband in which she revealed they almost "didn't make it" as they both battled with their own demons.

"It’s a miracle we didn’t both snuff it in those first few months," she revealed. "We used to lie in the road blind drunk to ‘see what would happen'."

"The first few years of our marriage were really really tough," she concluded, thanking her other half for standing by her and making it work.

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