MSNBC Contributor Mistakes Rep. Joaquin Castro For His Brother Running For President

MSNBC contributor Noah Rothman didn’t get his Castros straight in an interview today on Morning Joe.

The segment in question starts at 25:22 of the video. Rothman asked Rep. Joaquin Castro about a Fox News town hall statement. “Congressman, I wanted to ask you briefly — you had said on a Fox News town hall that it is your impression that this administration is ‘hell-bent on moving towards war with Iran,’” Rothman said.

But it wasn’t Joaquin Castro who made the statement. It was Julian Castro, his twin brother.

“Well, the first thing is, I have to correct you,” Joaquin Castro said. “The person who did the Fox News town hall was my brother, Julián, who is running for president. I’m here in the Congress.”

Rothman immediately apologized, adding, “But I’m sure that’s not the first time this has happened.”

Castro was gracious. He told Rothman not to worry and added that it “literally happens everyday.”

Rothman later tweeted out a direct apology.

For the record, Julian Castro was the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development for President Obama from 2014-2017. He is now one of the many Democratic presidential nomination candidates.


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