Morag and Luke Married At First Sight UK: Where are Morag and Luke now?

Married at first sight: Morag says she trusted the experts

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Morag and Luke were matched by Married At First Sight UK’s relationship experts in the show’s second outing. Morag, 31, was looking for someone fun-loving and adventurous to commit to a relationship. Has she found that in 36-year-old Luke? Only time will tell.

Where are Morag and Luke from MAFSUK now?

Veterinary nurse Morag broke viewers’ hearts in the first episode as she recalled an emotional story about losing her dad.

The Essex-born vet worked over in Australia but moved back to the UK when her dad fell ill.

He recently died and Morag broke down in tears whilst discussing the story with the other single women.

Inspiring the others with her bravery, she is more determined than ever to find a man who will embrace her big personality.

The experts matched her with care home manager and fireman, Luke, who seemed to have the whole package.

But fans already saw in the teaser for episode two that he was not what Morag was expecting.

She was seen looking surprised when she reached the altar and told the cameras: “He’s not exactly what I ordered.”

In the second episode, Morag opened up to Paul Brunson about losing her father and why she wanted to continue with the experiment. 

She admitted she had been cheated on in the past and was ready to find someone she could finally gel with. 

Her match Luke said he was “no Brad Pitt” but he wanted someone fun-loving who would make him feel safe and secure. 

The experts said their relationship would be a “slow burner” and there may not be sexual chemistry straight away, but they were happy with their decision. 

On their wedding day, both Luke and Morag were panicking over who their match would be. 

Both were equally as excited to see each other, but Morag was heard saying: “He wouldn’t be my typical guy I would go for. 

“The moment I saw him I was a little taken aback, I’m not going to lie. I wanted someone big, muscly.”

Luke got emotional reading his vows and Morag was also lost for words as she paid tribute to her father. 

At the wedding reception, Morag dropped the ultimate gamechanger when she said she did not want children in the future. 

Luke was heard telling his best man it was a “killer”, so fans do not have much hope for their relationship. 

Ahead of the episode, Morag shared a photo of herself in a wedding dress, drinking from a champagne bottle.

The post said: “I cannot wait for you all to see this incredible journey! It’s gonna be one hell of a crazy ride!

“But please remember. We’re all real people. With real feelings and all just want to find LOVE….. I mean, who doesn’t. And also have a little fun doing it.”

She also paid tribute to her father, adding: “I came into the process having just lost the most important and only man in my life, my Daddy.

“I had the biggest heart shaped hole to fill. I know my dad would of been so proud and would of wanted me to take this opportunity to find love and in his absence, hopefully I will find the man that I’m going to build a future with.

“Had he of been here he would of taken this ride with me and supported me 100%.

“You’ll learn very quickly I don’t beat around the bush, I’m opinionated, I have no filter and honesty is always the best policy.” [Sic]

With this in mind, it seems Morag will be the first to speak up if she is unhappy in her relationship.

In the next episode, the couples will head off on their luxurious honeymoons to get to know each other better.

Luke is also on Instagram and he shared some photos of himself from the stag party.

Ahead of the release of his wedding episode, he posted a photo of himself smiling, saying: “So this is me right about now.

“Have to have a laugh right! If ya know, ya know!” [Sic] This could mean he attempted to make light of a bad situation.

Still, nothing will be given away until the end of the experiment, so fans will have to stay tuned to find out how the couple got on.

Married At First Sight UK airs at 9pm from Mondays to Thursdays on E4.

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