Mood star Nicôle Lecky teases plans to direct next series ‘Need a vision’

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Nicôle Lecky writes and stars in the new hit series for BBC Three, Mood. Based on her successful one-woman stage play Superhoe, fans naturally can’t wait to see her next project. Whether she plans to stay on television or make the leap to the big screen, Nicôle confirmed she wants to have more to do behind the camera next time around.

Mood breakout Nicôle confirmed she plans to direct when it comes to planning her next project.

The actress, writer and singer currently stars in one of the first new BBC Three dramas to mark its relaunch on TV at the start of February.

Her turn as struggling artist Sasha has received rave reviews, and viewers will be clamouring for her next work at the end of the six-part drama.

While it’s not yet known if Nicôle’s next project will be a follow-up to Mood or a new series altogether, she’s aiming to be just as involved behind the scenes as she is in front of the camera.

Nicôle recently previewed the next steps of her career at Mood’s premiere event in London.

When asked if she plans to direct, she confirmed: “Look, yes. Yes, I would.”

Although the multi-talented series creator acted as Mood’s leading star and producer, she still wasn’t in complete control of the groundbreaking new drama.

She explained: “There’s something very pure about getting your vision, and I think I was very lucky to have the BBC and everybody supporting me and championing me to really execute a vision.

“But, essentially, if you’re not directing something you can’t execute absolutely everything.

“So, yes, I would direct in the future,” Nicôle finally confirmed.

For a first-time screen actress and writer, Nicôle’s work on Mood is just as accomplished as some of the BBC’s most acclaimed series in recent years.

Even so, she still had a lot to learn from her co-producers at Bonafide and the BBC.

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She recalled: “Especially if you’ve not actually been, technically, a boss before, that was definitely a challenge for me.

“Having to work out, ‘Okay, today I’m just an actor. But I am the exec producer. Oh, but I’m the writer.’”

Thankfully, in contrast to the stage version, Superhoe, Nicôle was surrounded by other talented creatives, including a stellar ensemble cast, to help her first foray into television.

“Not everybody will understand that, but it’s about having the right people around you who do understand that and support that vision,” she continued.

“Sort of having to acknowledge that you deserve that space, you deserve to take it up as a woman, as a woman of colour.

“You kind of need to have a vision, a creative vision, and you need people to follow that and support you.”

Mood’s first series has already proven a hit with fans and critics alike, so hopefully it won’t be long before Nicôle reveals more about her hotly anticipated next project.

Mood continues Tuesdays at 10pm on BBC Three. Stream all episodes on BBC iPlayer now.

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