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MOLLY-MAE Hague has been forced to deny that she's had a secret nose job.

The Love Island star – who is currently pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Tommy Fury – was accused by her sister of having cosmetic surgery to get a smaller nose.

However, media personality Molly, 23, explained that she's never been under the knife, saying the shape of her nose has changed naturally over the years.

Joining her sister Zoe Hague on her YouTube, the sisters showed viewers some of their baby photos.

Molly told her sister: "You as a baby is you now, you're just older, you look exactly the same.

"Even when you first came out of the womb, your face has not changed at all," to which Zoe replied: "But you have had a nose job."


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Zoe said: "Honestly, I had to question if Molly had a nose job because I've been reading it, I then looked at Molly's nose and actually it has changed but there's not a chance in hell she'd have a nose job without telling me.

Fuming at the remark, Molly hit back: "Are yo u flipping…I can't believe we're even having this conversation."

"But her nose has changed shape over the years and I'm utterly jealous I think," Zoe continued.

Molly piped up: "In all seriousness, my nose never used to look like this," with Zoe adding: "We've got completely different noses, it's so beautiful, it's so small, I think it's even smaller than the last time I saw you."

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Setting the record straight, Molly confirmed: "Just to clarify I've not had a nose job."

Molly previously revealed how her face has dramatically changed over the last two years as she ditched filler to embrace her natural look.

Last year, the influencer re-posted photos taken during her trip to London's Winter Wonderland in November 2019.

Her face looks remarkably different to how it does today, with the Love Island finalist speaking openly in the past about getting filler as a teenager.

She wrote: "Tap to age me two years…", with the next post showing Molly at the same venue this year."

Molly has spent £5.8k reversing a series of cosmetic procedures since finding fame.

The TV star had dissolved her lip and jaw filler, and had composite bonds removed from her teeth.

She has also used her platform to urge young followers to "wait" before undergoing any procedures.

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She said: "Wait a good few years until your face has matured and you get a little bit older, and then make decisions about cosmetic work."

She added: "Please don't make the same mistakes I did."

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