Michael Che Tells ‘The View’ He’s “99.9% Sure” He’ll Return To ‘SNL’; Joy Behar Quips, “I Might Quit Today”

That Gen Z Hospital flop isn’t going to get Michael Che down. The Saturday Night Live writer and performer said on ABC’s The View today that he’s “99.9 percent sure” he’ll return to NBC’s late-night comedy show next season.

Che joked that the sliver of doubt exists because “at the end of a season I always think I’m going to quit because I [just] went through a whole season.”

The Weekend Update co-anchor and That Damn Michael Che host also addressed the now-infamous Gen Z Hospital sketch that he wrote for the SNL episode hosted by Elon Musk. The sketch featured cast members as Gen Z social media types at a hospital reacting to terrible news by expressing popular internet phrases like “bruh,” “stan” and “no cap.” The skit drew more criticism than laughter, with some people saying the sketch misappropriated “AAVE” – African American Vernacular English.

“I thought I had the vaccine for Black appropriation, being Black,” Che laughed on The View after being asked whether he feared getting “canceled” over the incident. “I thought I was immune, but you know what? You’re never immune.”

Che said the sketch was meant to mock “internet-speak,” and added, “It was a very silly sketch and it worked for some people and did not work for a lot more.”

As for Musk’s controversial performance as host, Che said he had no objections to the casting. “I didn’t object to having him on,” he said. “I try to give people a little benefit of the doubt when they’re here because I know how stressful this job can be.”

As for whether he will, in fact, return to the show, Che seemed to have already made up his mind. “I assume,” he joked, “when I leave SNL it won’t be of my choosing.”

The latter comment provided View cohost Joy Behar a decent set-up for a joke. Earlier in the episode, conservative cohost Meghan McCain shouted yet another high-decibel disagreement (watch it below). Quipped Behar to Che, “I might quit today, you never know.”

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