Mary devastated after receiving news about new love interest in Emmerdale

Just as we thought things were finally on the up for Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson), she hit another bump in the road, as her date left Emmerdale for Ecuador.

Poor Mary, who had previously had two unsuccessful dates, thought she’d found the one with Faye; a sci-fi loving bookworm who had plenty in common with our Mary.

However, tonight saw Mary lose hope once more as Faye announced that she had been called away on a charity mission… To Ecuador!

Mary was convinced that Faye was telling fibs and simply trying to let her down gently.

However, son-in-law Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) was quick to put her on the straight and narrow, asking exactly what Faye had said.

Mary admitted that, as well as saying she was going to Ecuador, she had also said that she hopes to pick things back up again when she comes home.

An amused Marlon pointed out that she was overreacting, and things with Faye would ultimately work out well. He said that, as she was new to the dating game, she was likely to get the wrong end of the stick from time to time.

Viewers will know that Mary only recently came out as a lesbian to her friends and family, and has only been actively dating for a couple of weeks.

Is Marlon right about Faye, or will Mary ultimately have her heart broken?

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