Martin Lewis tells This Morning viewers how to 'cash in' on £280 – just by working from home

THIS Morning money expert Martin Lewis has revealed the handy way people working from home can claim up to £280.

Host Dermot O'Leary joked that the government wouldn't be happy with the 48-year-old as he outlined the ways people can make cash – perfectly legally.

He explained people claim tax relief – even if they've only been required to work from home for a day.

Anyone who is eligible can get £6 a week of their current salary tax-free – and people can claim for two years of working from home.

He said: "This is for people who are employees and who have been required to work from home, even for a day.

"The key is you have to have had extra costs from working from home which most people have – heating and electricity, you've had the lights on, you've had the heat on.

"You can have £6 of your current salary tax free – you can have more if you had bigger expenses but then you'd have to prove it."

Martin added: "You don't need proof, it’s a flat fee, as long as you have been required to work from home and had extra expenses you can claim this.

"So what that means now – if you didn't claim last year, and even if you've only been required to work from home for one day, you can claim tax relief, if you’ve done last year’s, you have to go back and claim this year’s."

Tax relief of £6 a week works out at £1.20 a week for a 20% tax rate (£62.40 a year),£2.40 a week for a 40% tax rate (£124.80 a year) or £2.70 a week for a 45% tax rate (£140.40 a year).

He explained that to claim it you need to visit a "microservice" on the HMRC website saying it takes no longer than three minutes to do.

Dermot, 47, joked: "Imagine poor HMRC when they hear it's Martin on the end of the line."

He earlier introduced the feature by pumping his fist and saying: "Ka-ching" promising viewers "a few extra pennies for the piggy bank".

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