Martin Compston details ‘awkward’ intimate scenes on set ‘Aware of boundaries’

ITV unveil first look trailer for thriller Our House

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The Line of Duty actor stars in new ITV drama, Our House, which follows Fiona Lawson (played by Tuppence Middleton), who comes home to find her house has been sold by her husband Bram (Martin Compston). The actor has starred in several thrillers such as police drama Line of Duty and more recently, Vigil, and took on the challenge of playing a villainous role for this latest show. He admitted there were tough scenes to film and, speaking to and other media, the actor talked about filming “awkward” scenes with co-stars.

When asked about how filming intimate scenes feels, Martin replied: “I mean, they’re always awkward.

“Having to get your kit off and that kind of thing in front of other people, it’s never something you look forward to.

“And also with these kinds of things, you get somebody who’s got vast experience and then you’ve got somebody just starting out and you want to be respectful.”

He continued: “That’s why we have intimacy coaches, who are fantastic.

“They really are because they used to be a sort of attitude of ‘just get on with it’, which is good.

“But you feel a need to be aware of everybody’s boundaries, what everybody is comfortable with.

“And when somebody is now in a position where that’s their job, to walk everybody through it.

“Because it is in some ways it’s kind of like a stunt.

“You know, you have a sort of a coordinator, and that’s really what it is and when I can have somebody come in and just talk me through that.

“When somebody talks you through everything, it makes it a lot easier.”

The Vigil star added: “Still awful! But you’ve got to connect to it.

“You want to make it real so it’s awkward going in, but you really need to go for it once you’re in the moment.”

The series started on Monday, and the show’s format will change between scenes exploring the couple’s marriage and the present day, where Fiona is trying to piece together what’s been going on.

Martin was also asked what his initial thoughts were when he read the script for Our House.

Discussing playing a villainous character, he replied: “I mean, he’s [Bram] a guy full of contradictions, which is always fun to play.

“I think when you play any character, I always try to find a bit of sympathy.

“Bram just gets himself into some really morally shocking situations but you kind of have to be rooting for him in a way.

“Otherwise, there’s no sympathy from the audience and nobody cares what happens.”

He added: “I really don’t like reading books or getting into a new TV series when I’m filming something, and I was on another job at the time.”

Our House continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV.

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