Married At First Sight UK star Zoe takes swipe at bride Jenna after backlash over 'vegan' row | The Sun

MARRIED At First Sight star Zoe appeared to take a swipe at her bride Jenna today.

It came after viewers slammed Jenna for forcing her vegan lifestyle on her wife – begging her to stop.

In a tense episode of MAFS on Tuesday night, the first ever all-female couple were seen locking horns over whether they could eat eggs.

But today Zoe seem to suggest there was trouble in paradise after responding to a follower's comment on Instagram.

It came after someone wrote message to her which said: "Absolutely invested in you both as a couple – you guys are there for the right reasons."

Zoe used the follower's comment to take a cheeky swipe at Jenna – which hinted all was not well in the relationship.


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Married at First Sight fans slam Jenna for ‘forcing’ vegan lifestyle on Zoe

Sharing the post she said: "I am glad people think this (pointing to the message) as we are definitely are in it for the right reasons

"And apparently Jenna didn't want to make friends"

She then clapped her hand over her mouth, to mock her cheeky comment, suggesting that she was taking a swipe at her new wife.

MAFS is pre-recorded, so the couple could have split in the time since they filmed the show.

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Meanwhile, Jenna and Zoe were married earlier this week – and things looked to be going well for the couple until their honeymoon.

The pair were seen having a war of words as they discussed Jenna's vegan lifestyle, as Zoe wondered whether her new wife would eat eggs on their trip away.

But discussing Jenna's choice to be vegan, the pair had a heated clash when Zoe admitted she would eat reindeer if it was on the menu.

Elsewhere, Zoe refused to try tofu – and ordered lamb while her new wife got black beans, slamming her for not trying a "vegan option".

"She’s ordering what she would always order on a menu, it’s a little bit frustrating," a frustrated Jenna told the cameras.

"My concern is that you’d try and make me change," Zoe later confronted her, before adding the camera: "It puts me off."

"After today, I’m not sure that we will be able to get past this whole vegan thing," Zoe concluded, leaving Jenna disappointed.

Fans were left equally frustrated – and took to social media to encourage Jenna to stop asking Zoe to be vegan.

"Zoe is actually trying, Jenna is focused on the wrong thing," one fan wrote to Twitter. "Jenna is hung up on being vegan,"

Another added: "It properly pisses me off that Jenna expects Zoe to become vegan too. That’s like a Christian marrying an atheist and expecting them to suddenly find god."

"Why is Jenna shoving the vegan lifestyle down Zoe's throat! Let her eat what she wants," a third added.

While a fourth said: "Jenna and Zoe's relationship's gonna come to an end over being vegan."

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