Mark Wright in tears as he recalls harrowing CPR ordeal

Mark Wright emotional recalling performing CPR

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This Morning’s Phillip Schofield discussed the importance of CPR as Mark Wright shared the host’s passion for learning the skill. As he recalled a personal experience, he was left in tears as he explained he “did what [he] could” to try and save a woman’s husband who was unresponsive.

Mark opened up about how his recent CPR training was still fresh in his mind when he arrived in Tenerife for a getaway.

“My best friend is Charlie Edinburgh, the son of Justin Edinburgh who sadly lost his life from a cardiac arrest in 2019 and he started a charity helping people to learn CPR and trying to get defibrillators in as many places as possible,” he said.

“He asked me to be part of a video where I learned CPR and convince others to do the same.

“And that day that I landed [in Tenerife] I received the video that I had shot a week before and literally from going to the airport and to the hotel, I had watched the video, checked into the hotel with my wife and this poor man’s wife came up in tears and panicking saying her husbands collapsed and nobody in the hotel responded.”

Phillip listened intently as he questioned whether anyone in the hotel was trained in CPR, or if there were any defibrillators.

Mark replied: “No, I thought I was in a place where you’d expect people to be trained… but it wasn’t whether they were trained or not, it was the fact no one reacted, no one was replying to this poor woman’s cries.

“I said to Michelle, I’m going to have to go and because it was so fresh in my mind, it’s having the confidence and knowing what to do.

“It’s taken me 35 years to know how to do CPR, and how it’s not in the school curriculum, I do not know.”

With the harrowing experience still fresh in his mind, Mark started getting emotional.

“I did what I could,” he said. “He was there for a while before I got there.”

He apologised to the hosts for getting choked up while retelling the story.

Phillip was able to relate to Mark as he opened up about his own experience with his father.

Recalling how he had collapsed when they were in New Zealand, Phillip said: “He was certainly dead on the carpet and the whole world went into some sharp focus.

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“I hadn’t been trained but I had watched stuff on TV. My mum was running next door and the whole place was in panic.

“But, as you mentioned this before we came on air, it’s knackering. To do that for half an hour…”

Thankfully a defibrillator was used to bring his father back and we lived for another 30 years.

Phillip said it was crucial Mark was on hand at the hotel to help the man out.

Mark went on to explain: “Yes, I kept him, he certainly wasn’t fully alive but he was coming back with certain breaths and it allowed him to be put on a life support machine so he wasn’t pronounced dead whilst he was under my hands.

“But I did all I could and that’s all you can do in that situation.”

Later in the show, Mark demonstrated to viewers how to perform CPR with Dr Zoe Williams.

Host Holly Willoughby was in awe of Mark, saying he “had someone’s life under his hand” and “it doesn’t get any more real than that”.

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