Love Island’s Yewande and Amber have very awkward first meeting after confession

Love Island 2019 starts tonight with the girls arriving in the villa for the first time.

Amy Hart and Amber Gill are the first contestants to rock up – and the new Islanders waste no time cracking open the champagne.

The air stewardess and beauty therapist are quickly joined by pharmacist Anna Vakili and they start talking about who their type on paper is.

Next in is Irish Islander Yewande Biala, who shocks the girls by revealing what she does for a living.

"Oh I'm a scientist, " says the 23-year-old, which prompts a stunned look from Geordie lass Amber.

The final girl to enter the villa is Lucie Donlan, who tells everyone that she is a surfer.

Just as they are really getting to know each other, Caroline Flack strolls into the villa for the first time this series.

Caroline asks: "How exciting is this? Are we ready for love?

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It's time for them to couple up and soon the ladies are joined by five hunky lads.

One by one the boys come in and the girls have to step forward if they are interested.

Each boy makes their entrance looking to impress the bevvy of beauties stood in front of them.

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Once the five couples have been sorted the new Islanders start to get to know each other.

Things get more awkward later on when they bare all during a game of 'Never Have I Ever'.

As they delve deep into each other's past, they discover that a few of the Islanders have cheated in a relationship.

Sherif Lanre admits he has cheated during two of his four past relationships.

There is also a major twist when two new additions make a late arrival into the villa.

Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard turn up to ruffle some feathers and split up the newly formed couples.

How will the Islanders react to the latecomers?

*Love Island launches Monday night at 9pm on ITV2

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